Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Pinterest Post

Lately I've been spending my evenings tooling around on Pinterest finding yummy recipes, craft projects, and decorating ideas. Last week I made a casserole TOIAW loved which is really saying something because he hates casseroles. [I think he liked this one because I made my own "cream" sauce rather than using canned creamofwhatever soup. It was really good, I must say.] I've also pinned some really cute craft projects and I've tried a couple of those as well. But what I really love are the decorating ideas.

We have a nice, sturdy, comfortable medium brown leather couch and love seat. It's practical for us because I never have to worry about the leather getting dirty and it's good quality so the dogs don't scratch it, etc. We also a 20+ year old hand-me-down arm chair that still looks great and darker brown entertainment center and coffee, sofa, and end tables which were all purchased while I was on bed rest. TOIAW went shopping and sent me pictures and that's how I chose them. I wouldn't recommend this approach to you, by the way. Anyway, we also have a kitchen table that was mine in my mid-twenties and no formal dining room furniture.

We thought about (okay, I'm probably the only one who really thought about it) buying a more formal kitchen table but I didn't. There's actually a store here that sells gorgeous, solid bare wood furniture at reasonable prices but I'm not sure when I could/would tackle the project of finishing the pieces if I went that route.

Sorry, this is an extremely dull stream-of-consciousness post...I'll get to the point.

How do I find my decorating style when I move all the time? This summer when I visited the Gutsy Family in their GORGEOUS new home, I noticed several pieces of furniture that had been in their home in Germany. I don't ever feel like my things "fit" like that; it seems like we always have an unfinished look. But I have vowed to take what I have and make it work when we move to D.C. By golly, it is going to be a homey home for all of us! We are not going to live like transients even if we are only going to be there for a year. Pictures and decor will adorn the walls. There! Will! Be! COLOR! I'm a creative person, I can do this. I have got to stop feeling paralyzed by the frequent moves and choose a style that will work in most spaces. It's going to be so cute...I can't wait!

But didn't I say the same thing about this house?

P.S. None of my decorating, by the way, will work once we move to Mystery Country #2. The Employer offers two furniture styles 1) the George-and-Martha-Washington-are-coming-for-dinner Colonial reproduction look and 2) the we-went-to-a-nice-furniture-store-and-bought-the-display-for-you look. The first is look is likely being phased out and the second look (what we had in MC#1) is very nice but accent-wise I have nothing to go with it. Oh well, we can jump off that bridge when we get to it.


Anonymous said...

Ooh ooh find me on Pinterest.

The Gutsy Mom said...

You're so sweet! If it helps, I never worry about "the next house." And I have never (until this house) felt that my stuff goes with my house, or that my stuff really reflected what I like. Then, when we were in Germany, I vowed to stop "waiting" to buy the things I liked. I vowed to ONLY buy things I liked instead of buying things I felt worked in that particular home even if I didn't like them. Not sure if that helps, but it seems to be working out...