Monday, October 10, 2011


TOIAW: I guess everyone is doing this feather thing since Taylor Swift did it. I don't know though, it's probably just a trend.

Me: What are you talking about?

TOIAW: The feather thing Taylor Swift has.

Me: Where?

TOAIW: What do you mean 'where'? They're everywhere.

Me: I mean where do they put the extensions? I guess I haven't seen them.

TOIAW: (slightly exasperated) In hair, Rachel. It's a hair extension. Haven't you seen it? There are plenty of girls at school who have them and I just saw someone getting them put in their hair when I was getting a haircut. For $5 they will adjust it when your hair grows out.

Me: If it's not the rage with babies, I probably don't know about it. Sorry. I'll try to be cool again one day. Until then, I'll rely on you to be my link to the pulse of young women.

You know, because that's so important to me...


AKD said...

Like the things you get at carnivals?

The Gutsy Mom said...

So awesome! Glad to see so many posts up. I need to catch up on my reading!