Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where There's a Will...

I really want to be able to do things but I have absolutely zero stamina. At my appointments yesterday, both the MFM and regular OB said they're fine with me having a few more privileges which is very exciting and it would be even more so if I didn't have to take a 2-hour recovery nap every time I leave the house. And when I do go out, I take it very easy. We went to Costco and I rode in a motorized cart (it was just as pathetic as you might imagine); we went to a baby care class and TOIAW pushed me in a wheelchair; we went to the doctors' appointments and TOIAW dropped me off as close as he could. After the appointments, I slept for 3 hours and then we went to Whole Foods because I needed to go in and our local store is less than half the size of the other options. I wasn't sure I would be able to make it upstairs last night but I did. Yay for small victories! In 5 days, at 34 weeks, I will be off bed rest completely although I can't imagine I'll be able to do more than I am right now. Someone please tell me I'll have more energy once the baby arrives. Lie if you have to.

Today we went to an intro to cloth diapering workshop. It was very informative and we're going to try it even though I'm sure most of you think I'm nuts (although I doubt that assessment is based solely on this decision) but I'm so overwhelmed with the number of choices of diapers and diapering systems there are! I tried to do some research when I got home but I immediately fell asleep...shocking. When I woke-up I looked at it again and quickly rethought my game plan once I saw the prices of the "fancier" diapers. Until she reaches 12ish pounds, I'll probably do a combination unless I find using regular old-fashioned pre-folds much easier than I think I will.

As for our baby update--which is how TOIAW refers to our appointments--she weighed in at a hefty 4.7 pounds and is in th 37th percentile! Go, baby, go! Her abdominal circumference was consistently in the 2nd-3rd percentile but is now in the 30's...or so they say. I can't believe she's grown that much! Both doctors think I Could! Go! All! The! Way! although anything after 36 weeks is more than fine with me. The cerclage will be removed at 36 weeks which happens to coincide with TOIAW's first week of classes which is less than ideal but it's a great problem to have :)

TOIAW brought me Sarah's books today. We read to her several times a day. One of the books was just too painful for me to open because my dad gave it to her, read it to her many times, and wrote a beautiful note to her inside the book. So that will have to keep for another day. What I did draw strength from, however, was a book I often read to her: The Little Engine That Could. As I recover from 19 weeks of bed rest and prepare for child birth and caring for a newborn, it's likely I will be the crazy lady in Target muttering to myself, "I think I can, I think I can..."


Rachel said...

There's no way that we can have -less- energy post-delivery, so I'm all for your theory that this exhaustion is quite temporary (she writes from bed at 8:50 pm).

As for cloth diapering, we LOVE it. I love that the diapers don't leak breastmilk poo (which is rather odd), I love that the fusspot has practically toilet trained herself at age 2 because she can actually feel when she's wet, and I love that her pants stay on. We used BumGenius diapers (bought off craigslist, they're a fortune) and I'm happy to talk about any of the details/planning and where to find decent used diapers (if you're up for used diapers, I know plenty of people who aren't). I am also a new convert to "Rockin' green" detergent, which is on amazon so easy to order.

So excited about all your good news and the BIG baby you're carrying!

N said...

I definitely felt a million times better and had a ton of energy post-delivery. I hope that you have the same experience. I know that Sarah must be with you guys, watching over and taking care of her sister.

We also cloth diaper, and LOOOOVE it. Happy to ramble at you about it at any time. We use a ton of different types, so have had a lot of experience.

The Gutsy Mom said...

You will totally have more energy after the baby comes.

And I totally AM that lady in Target who mutters I think I can I think I can.

I love that you are blogging from home--you sound more yourself.

I did the cloth gDipes for a long time with Madelyn and loved having the option to do the flushable insert or the washable clothie.

Love you!

Searching said...

Yes, you CAN!!! Your poor muscles are trying to figure out how to work again. They weren't much needed for a VERY long time. I agree, having her come during his first week of class, well, not such a bad problem at all. I am SO proud of you for doing everything it took to keep her cooking so long. Nothing short of a miracle and due in large part to an AMAZING momma!!!

Jennifer L said...

Woot woot Rachel! I love hearing that little girl is growing ;) Way to go sweet little girl!!

We cloth diaper. Seriously love it. Fun, cute and I love that I can coordinate clothes with diapers! My favorite newborn option was kissaluv fitteds with thirsties covers (my Amara only pooped every 14 days on breast milk and those diapers held it all!). I also used bum genius all in ones for a while.

Now I use all sorts of kinds. But I find prefolds and covers remarkably easy to use! Anyways. Long ramble short. Holler if you've got any questions. And I'm happy to ship some diapers off to you to try once your sweet one is here!

P.S. even Mark likes our diapers!

Pam said...

Yay cloth diapers! We use primarily BumGenius and Fuzzibuns (both pockets) and I think they're great. We didn't start right at birth, but I really wish we had. There are even lots of diaper trial packages out there so that you can find the ones that work best for your child. (for example:

Most importantly, congrats on making it home and cooking that baby of yours for so long! Keep up the good work and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

Michele said...

You can... Totally. :) I'm a 16w bedrest surviver and it is tough to get the muscle tone back and get back to "where you were" but just tell yourself that you can, and you can. And you will.

AKD said...

We did the motorized cart visits to Target, too - you feel so silly, but it's for such an important reason!

I'm so happy for you, Rachel. I just keep praying for you all daily!