Sunday, January 2, 2011

"I Lucky"

One day last week I had the best dream. Incidentally, I also had an awesome nap because I was able to sleep 1.5 hours without having to pee! Back to the dream, I remembered it perfectly and I couldn't stop smiling. I was standing on a deck in a backyard with TOIAW and our dogs and a little girl with dark hair crawled up between my legs and proclaimed, "I lucky." I bent down so I was looking at her upside down and assured her that, no, I am the lucky one! I told TOIAW about it later that night and he decided that we're all lucky. I agree!

We had a nice Christmas in the hospital. I really missed my family but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Honestly, it just kind of felt like a normal day which is pretty much how all the holidays have felt this year. That's okay because this is only a short season in our lives and it will be completely worth it in the end! TOIAW's parents and brothers are currently visiting so they could spend the New Year's holiday together as is their tradition. TOIAW's twin brother and his family came to visit yesterday but his parents and older brother haven't made it yet but they're going to try to stop by before they head back to NYC tomorrow. Their hotel is less than a mile from the hospital. I truly do not care if they come, it's just an odd thing to say, yes? Also, tomorrow isn't a good day because I MIGHT GET TO GO HOME!!!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up but that's easier said than done. My doctor has been on vacation all week but she wrote in my chart that I should be prepared to leave at 32 weeks (which was 3 days ago!!!). The nurses have been kind enough to teach me to check my own blood sugar and administer my injections. This is all very easy for an experienced IVFer :) Interestingly, however, the blood sugar testing may have raised a few issues that could prevent me from leaving tomorrow. I initially practiced testing along with the nurses when they used the hospital's glucometer but I was consistently getting numbers far lower than theirs so I was given a new home meter and the results were the same. They then borrowed a different glucometer from another floor and while it was closer to mine, it was still off by a significant margin so the next step was to do a blood test. Guess what? The hospital meter was WAY off! Nice, huh? It's now pretty clear that I'm on more insulin than I need to be but the holiday/weekend physicians are hesitant to change the dosage because I don't technically have low blood sugar. I'll share a little secret with you though...that's because I'm eating carbs like crazy so I don't spill ketones. My morning sugars are quite low even though I have a healthy (but high in sugar) snack late at night. The doctors suggested that I skip this or lower the carbs but, you know, I'm just not that interested in ending up with low blood sugar because it's easier for them. I don't want to be hypoglycemic at 4 am because it's unhealthy and unnecessary and, in my opinion, this really isn't that difficult to sort out. For what it's worth, all the nurses agree with me and they're concerned about their other patients as well.

One of the reasons I'm so ready to blow this Popsicle stand is that I found out that the UTI I had was caused by a bacteria only found in hospitals. Good times. I didn't blog about it--mainly because I couldn't type--but the regular IV thing wasn't working for me due to the harshness of the antibiotic so I ended up having to get a midline catheter. You can google that if you want but it was gross and a huge pain and I'd prefer not to have to do that again anytime soon. Also, it made my husband's face turn white as my bed sheets and he's not prone to squeamishness. My favorite Christmas gift was "passing" the test after the course of antibiotics and being able to have the line removed! I can't remember a day when showering felt so good...

Anyway, I just really need to get home so I can open all the boxes we've received! Between baby gifts, holiday gifts, and the 1 or 45 things I've ordered for the baby, there's a lot to sort ;)...or should I say inventory? After 36 weeks, I'm officially removing myself from bed rest but I'll still take it easy for the next 3.5 weeks. Thankfully, TOIAW will be home with me until classes begin again so that will easy my anxieties about being alone and needed to get to the hospital quickly. Also, he'll be available to take me to the twice-weekly appointments they've promised me. I don't really look forward to that part but oh well.

I'll close by wishing you all a happy, healthy, and most blessed 2011!!! Your kind words, support, and prayers carried me through many dark days during the past year. Thank you.


N said...

Iiiick on the mid-line catheter. I'd say you're right to want to get out of there! I'm so amazed and happy that you've made it to 32 weeks, you're almost there!

Marie W said...

32 weeks! i sure do hope you get to go home. There is nothing more comfortable than being in your own home and enjoying its comforts. 32 weeks is a great gestation!

Searching said...

Wow, 32 weeks! 30...2...WEEKS!!! Amazing!! Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!

AKD said...

My nephew was just born at 32 weeks, and he's PERFECT - so, you are in a great spot, lady! I am so, so happy for you!

I know how dangerous online shopping was for me while on bedrest, and I was working from home... I can only imagine how crazy hospital bedrest would be!