Thursday, December 2, 2010

Annoyed about being annoyed.

Today should be a wonderful day...I hit the 28 week mark! The baby looks great! TOIAW got the help he needs to learn how to write academic papers (rather than relying on my non-existent skills in that area)! Things are looking why am I annoyed?

It all started Saturday when TOIAW brought the mail to me. I opened a letter from the housing office where we live that said we were eligible to move to a single-family home in the same area. It would likely be about the same size as our current house but I was looking forward to a) not having to store our trash can in the garage so that when you walk in there you are assaulted with a horrible stench, b) the opportunity to meet new neighbors since the ones we have are downright hostile, and c) have a bigger kitchen. There was also a very attractive financial incentive that didn't hurt either. It would be a very easy move since we really haven't unpacked that much and nothing has been hung on the walls. So we came up with a plan that TOIAW would spend the night at home Monday and check out the houses. This is already too long of a story for such a silly topic but basically he looked in the windows of the houses (they're all brand new and not occupied) and saw that half are everything we're looking for and the other half have the same odd layout as our house. I left a message for the manager Tuesday morning but after not hearing from her by yesterday afternoon, I called again and she was busy so I spoke with someone else. He first began to tell me about all the amenities my house has that the new houses do not have. An odd tactic to entice someone to move, no? Supposedly they really want us to move because certain houses are for certain ranks and we live in something way below TOIAW's rank. ANYWAY, the guy with whom I spoke asked me how I knew about the 2 different floor plans and I told him my husband had looked at the houses and he accused TOIAW of breaking in the houses. Seriously? Then, I called again today to see if someone could email me a copy of the floor plans and I was told, "I WON'T do that but I'll leave a message for someone else to do it or you can just go to the open house next week." I explained why I couldn't do that and she once again replied, "I WON'T do that for you." Okie dokie...guess we won't be moving. But I will call your district manager and the base commander. Huge mistake because I've got nothing but time on my hands!

Okay, I'm going to return to my regularly scheduled 28 weeks!!! celebration and thankfulness for my beautiful home and they many, many blessings I have!


N said...

How thoroughly ODD. Weeeeird.


The Major's Wife said...

28 weeks, big milestone for the health of the baby!

AKD said...

Well, poop on them?!?

I am so freaking excited for you! I'm keeping you in my prayers!

MrsH said...

Hi Rachel,
I wanted to say I have given you a blog award on my blog, because I enjoy reading your blog, you are a strong person and your story is an inspiration to me!

The Gutsy Mom said...

I love Righteous Indignation Rachel. I hope the base commander was ready for your call. :)

Halleluja for 28 weeks, which if I am adding correctly is already 29 weeks. So excited for you.