Monday, December 20, 2010

Speed Blogging

I'm going to type as fast as I can because I'm blogging on borrowed time. Jack, from the IV team, could show up at any minute and who knows if I'll have use of both of my hands/arms after that. A normal person would but my veins are "difficult." First of all, I have an IV thanks to a UTI caused by an unusual bacteria and the doctors chose to be very aggressive. There are three medications available in pill form that work on this particular bacteria: one is safe during pregnancy but only has a 50% chance of working since I was on the wrong kind of antibiotics for 2 days until the culture was complete, the other is not safe during pregnancy, and the third is not safe in the third trimester. The end result is IV antibiotics that have really helped me feel better (even though I had no idea I had a UTI until they found it in a routine urine test) but the IV has been a huge hassle. The first one lasted 5 doses (every 12 hours) but started looking bad last night and the replacement was painful all night long. I was willing to push through the pain (pain that prevented me from sleeping last night) in order to avoid another stick but it started bleeding where the needle went in my skin and my nurse wasn't impressed. The aforementioned Jack comes highly recommended so we shall see. This is not a new issue for me because my veins are small and IV needles are not so the choices are limited. I would never make it as an IV drug user.

So things are moving right along. I kind of hit a wall last week but I think I'm over that. I was really feeling sorry for myself and just wanted to go home. In retrospect, I think I was starting to feel icky from the UTI and, well, 6 weeks in the hospital will get to most people after a while. Our little one is doing great though! She always gets a perfect score on her biophysical profile ultrasounds and we'll get another weight estimate Wednesday. She's done a fair bit of online shopping; I'm very excited to get home and see what all she has!

I had a very special treat yesterday in the form of a long visit from an old friend. She's like a sister to me and it was so awesome to see her while she and her husband are visiting our fair city for a few days. Thanks for coming, Krista!

I know I have more to say but I can't remember it all right now. I'm going to listen to soothing music while I wait for Jack...

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sometimes I just lie (or is it lay? I can never remember and even when I look it up, it doesn't make sense to me) here in complete awe that I am still pregnant. After so many tears and prayers and praying through tears it looks like it's finally going to happen. Even in my darkest moments I had a peace deep down inside me but I would rarely acknowledge it for fear of ushering in a hope that wasn't going to stay. But here I am...29 weeks and 2 days pregnant. There is no doubt in my mind God's grace is the reason but I know that probably sounds ridiculous to those who have also prayed and still have empty arms. I know how you feel, I prayed for Sarah's healing--as did many, many others--for a week and even though she was perfectly healed, it certainly didn't happen the way I wanted it to happen. Not a day goes by that I don't cry for her; that I don't long to sit beside her incubator and read On the Night You Were Born one more time. I have been there and to be nearing life on "the other side" is completely surreal. It would have never been possible were it not for God's grace, faithfulness, unending love because without him, I simply would not have had the strength to go forward.

I had another weight measurement on Wednesday and the baby is growing which is fabulous news! She's still on the small side but as long as she shows two weeks' growth every two weeks, everyone is happy. Yesterday when I had my ultrasound I saw one of the high-risk fellows I met on one of my many visits to L&D. He said he's been following me through their weekly team meetings and is thrilled for us. He also mentioned that he never expected me to make it to 28 weeks. Last week another doctor told me the same thing only it was during an ultrasound and she said, "She looks great! I have to tell you, I was very worried about this baby." I'm so glad they didn't tell me that earlier!

Our next big goal is 32 weeks but I'll still be thrilled to make it into the 30's on Thursday but we have set our BIG goal at 36 weeks because that is magic age when babies are not required to go to the NICU. Anything after that is icing on the cake. Speaking of icing and sugary goodness, let's talk gestational diabetes.

GD and bed rest are not friends. I was controlling my sugar levels very well with diet but after I lost weight for the 3rd week in a row, someone had the bright idea to check for ketones in my urine. I had them. Long story short: I'm on insulin to control the glucose levels so I can eat more carbs. To tell you the truth, it's been incredibly liberating and I'm no longer hungry which, apparently, can be worse than having high glucose levels. All the GD ladies on the antepartum wing see endocrinologists from a nearby diabetes research and treatment center who specialize in GD. A few days ago I asked how it was possible that I was so borderline on my test and so clearly a GD (remember, were it not for the stricter standards they use here, I would have passed the test without issue). She told me they estimate nearly 50% of GD cases go undiagnosed! I also really appreciate that she takes all of my information into account (e.g., size of the baby) when ordering and adjusting my insulin dosage.

Sadly, not all is well in the hospital. They've had to cut the food service employees schedules and now there are only 4 people per shift as opposed to 6*. It's a lot more work for them. If you would like details, I can provide them. People talk. Unfortunately my least favorite food service lady is still here way too often. The other day she was picking up my tray and, as usual, didn't bother to knock so she walked in on my doctor performing a breast exam. I gave her an annoyed look and she said, "Oh, I've seen it all working here." That might be true, my friend, but I don't think the same is true for the husband of the patient across the hall who also happened to catch the peep show.

*All things considered, I'm glad they chose to cut employees in this area rather than, say, nurses.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Annoyed about being annoyed.

Today should be a wonderful day...I hit the 28 week mark! The baby looks great! TOIAW got the help he needs to learn how to write academic papers (rather than relying on my non-existent skills in that area)! Things are looking why am I annoyed?

It all started Saturday when TOIAW brought the mail to me. I opened a letter from the housing office where we live that said we were eligible to move to a single-family home in the same area. It would likely be about the same size as our current house but I was looking forward to a) not having to store our trash can in the garage so that when you walk in there you are assaulted with a horrible stench, b) the opportunity to meet new neighbors since the ones we have are downright hostile, and c) have a bigger kitchen. There was also a very attractive financial incentive that didn't hurt either. It would be a very easy move since we really haven't unpacked that much and nothing has been hung on the walls. So we came up with a plan that TOIAW would spend the night at home Monday and check out the houses. This is already too long of a story for such a silly topic but basically he looked in the windows of the houses (they're all brand new and not occupied) and saw that half are everything we're looking for and the other half have the same odd layout as our house. I left a message for the manager Tuesday morning but after not hearing from her by yesterday afternoon, I called again and she was busy so I spoke with someone else. He first began to tell me about all the amenities my house has that the new houses do not have. An odd tactic to entice someone to move, no? Supposedly they really want us to move because certain houses are for certain ranks and we live in something way below TOIAW's rank. ANYWAY, the guy with whom I spoke asked me how I knew about the 2 different floor plans and I told him my husband had looked at the houses and he accused TOIAW of breaking in the houses. Seriously? Then, I called again today to see if someone could email me a copy of the floor plans and I was told, "I WON'T do that but I'll leave a message for someone else to do it or you can just go to the open house next week." I explained why I couldn't do that and she once again replied, "I WON'T do that for you." Okie dokie...guess we won't be moving. But I will call your district manager and the base commander. Huge mistake because I've got nothing but time on my hands!

Okay, I'm going to return to my regularly scheduled 28 weeks!!! celebration and thankfulness for my beautiful home and they many, many blessings I have!