Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Social Worker Said I'm Normal

First of all, let me just say how awesome you guys are for commenting on my last post which was actually a non-post thanks to iPad/blogger technical difficulties. I think I have figured that out--for the most part--but I'm writing from my laptop today just in case. Also, my neighbor across the hall borrowed my iPad so this is my only writing tool at the moment. And while I'm here I will just mention that I love, love, love my iPad!!!

I wrote a long post Friday but thanks to the funky hospital wi-fi, I lost it and didn't have the energy to rewrite it. I'll just catch you up on the highlights of the hospital thus far...

Check-in Wednesday took forever (like 5+ hours) and I had been sick all morning and was starving so by the time I got to my room I had a wicked headache that prevented me from sleeping very well. My room is at the end of the hallway and it's pretty quiet so I can't even blame hospital noise for that night. I began my glucose tolerance test at 5:00 a.m. and never really fell back asleep after that. Before the test, someone warned me that this hospital uses very strict guidelines when diagnosing gestational diabetes and the only test they use is a 2-hour test as opposed to the more popular 1- and 3-hour tests. Bottom line: I failed the test. I wouldn't have a year ago when they followed the old standards (or at most other facilities in the U.S.) so I guess I just got lucky. It actually hasn't been a big deal because there's a diabetic menu that makes it easy to track what I'm eating and I just call the nurse when it's time to test so there's really nothing special I have to do. I can't say exactly how I'm doing because the steroids I was given to help the baby's lung development interfere with glucose levels but so far mine are well within normal limits (given the circumstances) and both my OB and MFM think it will be a non-issue once they leave my system. Frankly, I think both of them have much bigger concerns when it comes to my treatment. That being said, they're both positive.

On Friday the social worker stopped by. She's straight out of central casting with flowy skirts and artisan jewelery with a distinctive Southwest flair. We chatted for a while during which time the student shadowing her took an alarming amount of notes. She, of course, asked me how I'm doing and I told her I was actually relieved to be here because it meant that 1) I made it to 24 weeks, 2) if I have any questions here, they're easily answered and I don't have to sit at home and wonder and 3) TOIAW has been able to relinquish his role as primary caretaker which is great for him as he nears the end of the semester. Guess what? She said a lot of people feel relief upon admittance to hospital bed rest and she thinks I'm normal! She also told me that 75% of the bed rest patients here are diagnosed with GD which was even more comforting because I'm almost never in the medical majority!

I have more to say but will have to save it for now because my lunch should be here any minute and I don't want to interrupt my schedule. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm bored and/or if I have enough to keep me occupied...the truth is I must just be easily entertained because I have my routine down and the days seem to go by surprisingly fast so far. Let's hope it stays that way!


rebecca said...

Glad to hear you're doing alright and feeling validated in the emotions you're experiencing. I'm a hospital social worker as well, minus the flowy skirts, and would definitely say you're experiencing normal emotions given the situation you are in. Congrats on making it to 24wks, now keep on cooking and heres to a settling in for a long stay and keeping both you and baby healthy!

AKD said...

I am so happy for every day you have! Still praying for you daily!