Monday, September 20, 2010

Not A Proper Update

I'm still here. Still on bed rest. Still terrified but making it. Since I last wrote, I've had 1 appointment with my MFM, 1 OB appointment, and 2 trips to labor and delivery...and the cervix is holding steady as best we can tell. Thank you, Lord! And thank you for the great insurance! (Not having it wouldn't change anything but it would be a lot more expensive.) My last trip to L&D was this morning due to relentless cramping. It lasted for several hours but, naturally, it had pretty much ended by the time I got there but I did freak everyone out a bit with my vomiting (on an empty stomach--so. not. fun.). The rest of the day I was sick and had a headache--oh how I wish those were always my worst symptoms!

My mom came last week after I had a mini-breakdown about how I was starving and we had all our stuff everywhere with no one to put it away. It might have been a hormone-fueled exaggeration but she came and it was wonderful to have her here.

I would write more but my laptop is heavy and large and it's just not comfortable for typing nor do I think it's a good idea for me to lift it very often. I'm trying to convince TOIAW I need an iPad.

This concludes my horrible "update" but I do promise more very soon.


Rachel said...

I am so glad that your cervix is holding and that you have your mom to help now. But do update - I was worried about your silence. Will be thinking of you.

rebecca said...

So glad you're doing well, you've been in my thoughts often! Continue to take it easy and know there are lots of us out here in blogland cheering you on. Hoping things continue smoothly for you & no more trips to the hospital for a while!

Soapchick said...

Thanks for the update Rachel. Glad you are hanging in there. You are in my prayers. Stay strong and get some good reading material to make the time go by faster....and well for when you are not feeling sick. Seriously if you need more help I have friends in Boston who are wonderful people and who could put together an entire army of helpers for you - cooks, cleaners, etc. Let me know.

AKD said...

I've been thinking of/praying for you daily! I think you absolutely need an iPad, so that we know you're okay - tell TOIAW that there are people nationwide who need to know! :-)

I hope things settle down for you, but I"m so glad your mom was able to come!

jenicini said...

Just clicked over from LFCA and read through your posts from the last couple of months...craziness. I'm also a military spouse and went into premature labor at 27 weeks just as we closed on our house at a new duty station. Sigh. Too many similarities here which I wouldn't wish on anyone. I know that 27 weeks is a lot further along than the majority of docs would put a cerclage in at....they would usually just deliver. But my doc has had amazing results with it followed with intense bedrest. I will be checking back in with you and hoping for good things. Hang in there!