Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finding Our Stride

Initially I was going to title this Hitting Our Stride but we're not quite there yet.

I last went to the grocery store a week ago today. I've pretty much eaten all the food we have (had). Ummmm...I'm hungry. When TOIAW brought home falafel last night it was like manna from heaven. But he doesn't get home until late so we clearly need a different plan. Enter the Crock Pot. I am currently compiling a list of recipes that even my cooking-challenged husband can throw together. Also, I will dictate the menus. Remember when he thought pasta was a vegetable because it's made from wheat?

The tricky part to all of this is making sure the majority of the meals are healthy because, let's face it, I'm not burning a lot of calories and I want to make sure that what I do eat counts and isn't just empty calories. And there is one other somewhat tricky part: TOIAW grocery shopping. He's not bad at it, per se, but he buys a lot of junk and spends a lot more money than I do. Oh well.

What I really wish I had were recipes for meals that can be assembled ahead of time. When we lived in D.C. and I was in the midst of debilitating grief, I would go to one of those meal assembly places and stock my freezer with meals that just needed to be thawed and shoved in the oven. If only I could remember any of those recipes. I know casseroles are good for that but TOIAW is not a casserole kind of guy and while he might eat it if it's his only option, it's doubtful he will assemble one. I suppose I will at least get some marinade recipes together and have him freeze some meat in a bag with the marinade so all we have to do is thaw and grill. And really we only need to survive another week or so and then my mom is coming and she can help with some of this also. That is, when she's not unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry, walking the dogs, or grocery shopping (shhh...don't tell her this is my plan for her or she might change her mind).

Speaking of cleaning, I've contacted several cleaning services and have heard back from zero. My house is not that dirty. Oh, and it would be so nice if the dogs could go somewhere at least twice a week to play but Bootsy, the mild-mannered party puppy who gets along with ALL dogs, FAILED the interview at the doggie day care with the best location. They both passed somewhere else but the hours and location just don't work with our current situation.

This has all happened so suddenly and we have ZERO support system here. So far I've met my next door neighbor who is, um, odd and two little boys who come over daily to play with PP. That's it. And I don't think I'll be meeting many people from my perch on the sofa or bed. Since TOIAW doesn't work here on base, he doesn't know anyone here either. I wanted to go to Bible study but it didn't begin until this week so that's not going to happen. Part of the reason I wanted to live here was so I could meet people and be part of a community again. Enough of my pity party, I don't even know why I started on that anyway.

I suppose I'll get back to finding our stride in all of this craziness. The important thing is to stay focused on the main thing: Keeping my cervix happy and our sweet baby nice and snug in there.


Marie W said...

Check out A year of Slow Cooking ( When I was on bedrest this is the site I got all my meals from. SN: Crock Pot meals usually last my husband and me about 2 days (3 or 4 quart pot) and longer (if you use a 5 or 6 quart pot).

Check your grocery to see if you can order and pay for groceries on line. I live in Florida and some stores will deliver or just bag and your hubby can pick up.

About the dog situation, check with any friends to see if they have a teenager that would be willing to walk them twice a day for a small fee.

These are just some things that worked for me! Good luck!

mrsmuelly said...

My favorite crockpot dinner - salsa chicken. It's frozen chicken breasts and some salsa or Rotel or diced tomatoes with a bit of water. You can make tacos, salad, or enchiladas with the meat - it's so tender and really easy.

YoU are allowed to have a pity party every so often... Just pour it out on here rather than bottling it up.

Concerning the bible study, could they hold it at your house? I had 4 girls (I only barely knew one) come to my house for bible study while I was on bedrest. This might not be ideal at first since you might feel the urge to tidy up - which you are not allowed to do. But in the future it could help pass the time and introduce you to the community.

Soapchick said...

Rachel - can you write to me on email or look me up on Facebook? I have friends in Boston who I can hook you up with and who I know can at least help you find some awesome, helpful people. You are in need and I am pretty sure I can help.

AKD said...

I have been thinking of you daily - I hope your bedrest continues to make your cervix strong. I am sorry it is so lonely - bedrest is so tough, I can't imagine doing it in a new, unfamiliar place.

Roccie said...

You can do this.

Here. I hope this makes you laugh. I have a feeling you gonna be doing a lot of shopping...