Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A 4.5 Hour Tour

Huge praise: My cervix is responding to bed rest! Hallelujah! I'm unclear on the numbers because we were told 3.3-3.5cm on Friday but yesterday he said 2.8 which he claimed was longer than Friday. He also said I was funnelled almost to my cerclage stitch Friday which no one mentioned (thankfully; if he had said that I would have been on bed rest because I would have been in bed crying all weekend). In any event, the doctor said he was encouraged and the most important thing is not the numbers but that the cervix relaxes and lengthens.

Another huge thing is that we liked the doctor so much better yesterday! He spent more time with us and fully answered our questions. I also met the OB with whom he shares his office because she will be the one who does my delivery. They met with us at the same time which is something we will do for several more weeks until we reach viability and then I will see her more. So I guess I just needed more mollycoddling!

Seriously though, we discussed a trans-abdominal cerclage and P17 shots and rather than quickly saying, "No and no," he explained his answers (to be fair, that's not what he said Friday but he didn't elaborate much on his answers either). As far as the TAC goes, he acknowledges the possible risk and heartache but he does not feel a TAC at this point is worth the risk in someone who has not had a failed trans-vaginal cerclage. I get that and, frankly, I was leaning in that direction anyway but I did email the uber-doctor in Chicago who is the expert TAC guy to ask him his opinion. In regards to the P17, he doesn't think I need it because my uterus--so far--is not irritated. Also, he's very conservative when it comes to medication during pregnancy. Again, I get that and I tend to agree. He did, however, tell us it's up to us and if I want it, he'll give it to me. I thought that was very reasonable and I appreciated his approach. It looks like we're all going to get along.

One possible area of concern yesterday was my blood pressure. After sitting in the waiting room for over an hour, and then the exam room for 15 minutes, my anxiety was sky-high. When the doctors mentioned it after the ultrasound, I asked them to take it one more time. Fortunately, it was just fine then! My next appointment is Tuesday. Until then it's rest, rest, rest!

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments, thoughtful suggestions, advice, encouragement, and prayers. It means so much to me!

And I should explain the title refers to how long we were gone thanks to traffic and an insane waiting room time. It was pretty ridiculous actually. I just sat there thinking, "I can't shower every day but I can sit in the car and the waiting room for hours?" Oh well...


AKD said...

I am so glad you had such a good appointment!!

All of the research I've done lines up with what he said. Most doctors will only do a TAC after a TV fails, but it was DEFINITELY worth asking. I did P17 shots, but my OB is against them - it was my perinatologist who put me on them. They have a TON of disagreements on the efficacy of the shots.

I am so thrilled!

Sue said...

Here from LFCA. Wishing you very good luck with the bed rest!

You don't know me from, well, anyone, but I totally recommend the uber-doctor in Chicago. He's great, smart, honest and direct. His staff is great. My sister had great results with her TAC after losing twins at 18 weeks.

If you decide to go that way, he's definitely the one to go with.

Best of luck to you!