Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Uterus Had a Vote

So...I'm still in Oklahoma and TOIAW is at our new house in MA. "What happened?" you ask.

Thursday was full of last-minute packing, errands, and a final doctor's appointment before we were departed. And a nice plan it was. Before TOIAW began his military diplomat career, he spent most of his army time as a planner. Among these planning types there is a saying that the enemy gets a vote meaning you can plan all you want but the other side might not allow you to execute your plan exactly how you, well, planned. On Thursday, my uterus had a vote as to how we carried out our plans.

I had been a little on edge all morning which may or may not have had anything to do with me finding a few more items to take after TOIAW had packed the car to his crazy OCD packing standards. This caused us to be late leaving the house and there was a train and a woman who ran a red light and by the time I arrived, I was a little on edge. TOIAW dropped me off at the door and went to park the car. I first felt what I assumed was gas pain as I was walking into the office and I had to stop it was so intense. I made it in and sat down and just as TOIAW walked in, it happened again. I walked back to the bathroom and I must have looked bad because the nurse asked me if I was okay. Then I heard myself say, "I'm either having bad gas pain or contractions." What? I was quickly ushered into a room and TOIAW was retrieved. As Murphy's Law would have it, I had the worst ultrasound tech I've ever had in this practice. She first measured my cervix and said it was fine but when I asked her what it was last time she said she didn't know. Then look it up! It was in your office! And then she did look it up and quickly closed my chart. Uhhh, did you see what it was last week? Yes. And? It was 4 cm then and it's 3 cm now. Oh. But 3 cm is still good. Ouch! Is that a contraction? I don't know; there's no way to tell. Can you please show me the baby's heartbeat? I want to see the baby!

She then switched to the abdominal ultrasound which showed the baby who had a great heartbeat and measured right on schedule. I so wanted to find solace in that but with the pain I was experiencing, I couldn't. And the ultrasound hurt because my abdomen was really tender. I was super scared. The tech left and after a few minutes she stuck her head in and said I could get dressed because the doctor had seen the pictures. I knew then he was going to send me over to the hospital for anti-contraction meds which is exactly what he did. He came in and examined me and was puzzled by the abdominal tenderness but wanted to give me the meds as well as more anti-inflammatory in case it was somehow related to the cerclage. TOIAW and I walked over to the hospital and after I walked I felt a little better. I never had any more of the intense pains after that even though it took quite awhile before the meds were administered. This certainly lends credence to the gas pains theory but there's no way to know. After a couple of hours I was sent back to the doctor's office where he gave me a script for the terbutaline and the anti-inflammatory med and told me to call him the next day.

I came home and rested (and cried because I really didn't want TOIAW to do the drive alone and, probably, because it had been such an emotional day). My abdomen slowly felt better and I rested well but when I woke-up in the morning I had moderate period-like cramping. It lasted most of the day and even though I know it's normal I really wanted it to go away. Finally, sometime in the late afternoon, it did. Hallelujah! I was off all medications and feeling normal!

I planned (there's that word again) on waking up Saturday and going to the farmer's market with my mom and returning emails. HA! I was so nauseous yesterday I kept nothing down. Nothing. Fortunately, I didn't have any more cramping but the pressure from vomiting did cause a few twinges. All in all, however, it was actually a relief as compared to the previous two days.

I have another appointment Monday morning and after that I'll decide what I'm going to do. I refuse to make advance plans!

TOIAW made it to MA safely and this morning he received the first of 3 shipments of our stuff. Both he and the dogs fared well despite driving 1,000+ miles yesterday. I cannot even imagine how miserable it would have been to drive with him yesterday so it was probably all for the best (except the freaking out parts). I can't wait to join him and get settled in!

In the meantime, I'm just going to relax. I cannot help but think that that the stress of the day led to what happened and it was a huge wake-up call for me. I must do my best to stay calm. Only 26 days, 4 weeks left.

P.S. The next person who tells me I'm now in my second trimester and should be over my nausea might get kicked in the teeth.


AKD said...

I have been having trouble getting online to get on FBook, but I wanted to tell you that you've been in my prayers constantly. I'm glad the pain is going away, and that TOIAW made it safely. I'm thinking of you lots and lots, sweetie.

To heck with those people who think 2nd trimester = no nausea. I threw up right up threw delivery with Maddie, and I had it in the first and third with Alice. Different bodies do different things - I'm so sorry you're still getting this. :(

N said...

Yikes. Scary. Keeping you in my thoughts!

(and most people I know who had bad nausea had it into their 2nd trimester. stupid people.)

Soapchick said...

Sorry you couldn't drive/ride with TOIAW, but sounds like it was for the best. Hope your uterus stays calm so that you can eventually make the trip.

Thanks for your nice comments and concern. I'm doing better and will be getting out tonight to go to dinner and then see the movie Eat, Pray, Love with a bunch of girls.

The Gutsy Mom said...

Oh what a nightmare. I do support the plan of listening to the (voting) uterus, and taking it as easy as possible. I know. Easier said than done.

And now I am confused. What happens in 4 weeks? Is that how long you have to wait to go to MA? Maybe I need to go back and read more carefully. This is almost always the case when I am confused.

Much love!

mrsmuelly said...

Wow! The uterus does usually have a mind of its own. Thank goodness you were still in OK when it decided to act up rather than traveling. I definitely found that my uterus would act up whenever I got stressed or nervous. So people would tell me to "stay calm" - umm, that's quite easier said than done!

Oh, the terb pills made me nauseous. Plus, I've always had nausea until about 18 weeks :-(