Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Harsh Realities

It seems my house is not going to unpack itself. Bummer. Also, we did not get a self-cleaning house. Double bummer. And if all that wasn't enough, TOIAW and I are shopping for furniture which is so frustrating I'm considering hiring a mediator to go with us on our next fact finding mission. Because looking is all we seem to do--well, that and bickering about budget and style--and it seems we're light years away from purchasing anything. It's been loads of fun.

I've been here one week today. I saw my doctor last Monday and he cleared me for travel so I bought a ticket for the next day and got here as fast as I could. Our house is nice, the area where we live is gorgeous, and I've lined up highly rated doctors so it stands to reason that there would be something to bring me back to reality. That something is Nausea. I have been so freaking sick since I've been here. Yesterday I was in the left lane on a 4-lane interstate and managed to pull over just in time to use the tissue box TOIAW shoved in my direction. We littered because he is a weak, weak man and didn't want it in the car with us. I had a nightmare I was arrested for littering bodily fluids which, in my dream at least, carries a very stiff penalty in Massachusetts.

I desperately want to cook but that hasn't happened yet unless you count the rotisserie chicken, potato wedges (frozen), and salad I served once last week. I desperately want to get the things we have put away before we receive the last shipment but the execution of that plan isn't going so well. I probably could have done some stuff today but we went furniture shopping again and now I've reached the witching hour of nausea.

One day I'll be a good (or at least adequate) wife again...right?


Soapchick said...

I am glad you are with TOIAW, but sorry you are feeling sick again. How many more weeks? 15? You can do it!! Keep your eye on the prize.

AKD said...

Oh, sweetie, I hope your nausea goes away soon. I am sure you hope so much more. Your less-than-stellar meal beats anything I can do!