Monday, July 19, 2010

You Had Me At 'Hello'

I think I'm in love with my MFM's practice. They don't think I'm crazy. In fact, the doctor told me I am smart. I don't know what that has to do with anything but I liked it.

Thankfully, everything still looks good as far as the baby is concerned and an exam showed my cervix is long and closed. We had a long discussion about the cost benefit of Lovenox now that I'm spotting. If there is any more red blood, I will discontinue it at least until my appointment Thursday. I really appreciated his holistic approach rather than just looking at the baby and pronouncing everything to be fine (not that I don't like the RE's office because they're wonderful also; they're just not high-risk OBs).

One of the things I appreciated most was that both the ultrasound technician and the doctor actually READ my file before seeing me. This probably sounds insignificant but there have been so many times in the past 4 years where I have spent not a short amount of time filling out medical history questionnaire only to have the doctor ask me my history. For one thing, why did I have to fill that out and, for another, have you thought that maybe it's difficult for me to discuss without getting emotional?

I know I'm rambling but I'm tired, hot, and nauseous. I just wanted to write a quick update so no one gets nervous. I'm the only one around here who's allowed to be panicky.


N said...

I'm so so so glad. <3

AKD said...

I've been wondering how your appointment went all day! I'm so glad to hear that all went well - and they just sound amazing! Oh, my gosh, they sound perfect - and I love that you get to go back on Thursday. Hopefully you'll get to see them really frequently.

Feel better, Rachel! I know the morning sickness is a blessing, but I wish you felt better!