Friday, July 16, 2010

When Can I Relax?

This morning I had my last appointment with the RE. I had already written a cute post [in my head] and was going to post it as soon as I got home. Instead, I'm freaking out.

When I visited the bathroom before the ultrasound, I discovered I was spotting. There was blood on the ultrasound wand. It has continued since I've been home and has even been bright red at times. I'm completely freaked out. I took little comfort in seeing the baby today even though our little one is measuring right on target and has a great heartbeat. I'm really scared. The doctor and nurse were encouraging saying this is normal for 8-9 weeks when the placenta is taking over and the best barometer is the baby who looks great but still I fret.

Also? After three days of some of the worst nausea I have had, today is nothing. All I can think of is the ol' "sudden loss of symptoms" every recurrent miscarriage gal hears about. I SO wanted to enjoy today but I don't think I'll relax until my appointment with the MFM on Thursday...and I'm really hoping the bleeding stops and I don't have to go in before that.

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Rachel said...

I have no idea when we'll relax, but will definitely be thinking of you. A good u/s today is of course a much better indicator than any drop in symptoms (and of course you know that, and also that the symptoms are possibly exacerbated by stress so if you were feeling a bit more relaxed post u/s that might help temporarily with the nausea) but this is still terrifying.