Monday, July 19, 2010

They Would Have Figured it Out Eventually

This morning I called the MFM (perinatologist/high risk OB for those of you who don't understand my lingo) to see if I could move up my Thursday appointment to Wednesday...or Tuesday afternoon. No appointments were available but I was transferred to the nurse (without being asked; I promise I wasn't being pushy). I explained to her that I was spotting but I had a completely normal ultrasound yesterday so I was mainly looking for more (quicker?) reassurance. She put me on hold and said that my doctor's partner is at their new office today (in a different city but only about 30-40 minutes drive) and has some appointments available so I could see him if I'd like. I hesitated...I mean how many ultrasounds can I have in the span of four days? But as she correctly pointed out I'm not going to feel better until the spotting stops and maybe a better ultrasound machine and/or a pregnancy specialist, as opposed to a fertility specialist, can shed a little more light on the situation. Granted, there is little chance I will know any more afterwards than I do now but hopefully I'll get to see that cute little heart fluttering away again.

I was hoping this office wouldn't know what a paranoid crazy I am but I suppose it was only a matter of time before they figured it out.

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AKD said...

You're not a paranoid crazy at all - I'm so glad that they are able to fit you in and give you some more peace of mind! You deserve it - and a huge part of their job is to make you feel better! It sounds like they're doing just that!