Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The spotting had nearly stopped and then, two hours ago, BAM! it was back again. Bright red and not a small amount (and although it hasn't really gotten on the pad I'm wearing, I'm checking it obsessively so it might not have a chance) with a small clot. All this is making me weary...I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to believe everything is going to be okay because I KNOW this is not normal and bleeding during pregnancy is never a good thing.

When I made it through the night and morning with no more red blood I assumed it was because I didn't take my Lovenox (blood thinner) shot last night. I thought we were onto something and was starting to think we were done with it. Au contraire. Now I'm wondering if I should try to see the doctor again tomorrow or wait until Thursday or if any of this will even be an issue because what if I start bleeding heavier and begin a full miscarriage?

I've been so very tired today and all I want to go is go to bed and wake-up tomorrow and not have to deal with anything but a normal pregnancy.


Soapchick said...

Maybe it's just like a little blob in the corner of your uterus and it's trying to get out of the way of the growing baby. Hang in there until Thursday, and hopefully you'll get the reassurance you need. I'm really praying for you Rachel!

Nick and Kristi said...

So very frustrating...If I was you I would want to see the Dr. tomorrow for peace of mind...How are your progesterone/estrogen/HCG levels? Take Care:)Kristi

Tracy said...

Hang in there. I want to remind you that I had bleeding at 7 weeks, then started again at 13 weeks and never stopped until 20 weeks. I will say that as soon as I started bleeding my doctor took me off the Lovenox, though. I'm thinking good things for you and keeping you in my prayers.

I know it's hard; my goodness my pregnancy was tortured, but it CAN work out. Try to think positive.

The Gutsy Mom said...

Then that is exactly what I will pray for: a good night's sleep and a normal pregnancy for you. And if that is not God's will, I am also praying for peace of mind and reassurance at your next appointment, whenever it may be. Much love!