Thursday, July 1, 2010

Explaining NOT Complaining

I've been sick--nauseous--since 11:00 am Monday. I offer that not as a complaint, rather as an explanation of my silence.

It's very odd to me that I went from very sporadic nausea to constant nausea. With Sarah it began as being sick for a few hours every day and slowly progressed from there although I don't quite remember being sick all day every day. This time I was sick at random times on random days...until Monday. But, again, I'm not complaining--I would do this every day for forever to have a baby--I just want you to know I'm fine and will update you tomorrow after my appointment.*

*Although I will say that I do not have high hopes of seeing the heartbeat tomorrow based on the size we saw on Tuesday. I suppose it could happen but I'm preparing myself to have to wait another week. Also, I don't think the ultrasound machine they usually use is the most sophisticated. Remind me of all this tomorrow when I inevitably freak out if I don't see a heartbeat...


Soapchick said...

Well I hope you are not sick for the entire 9 months. Eat lots of saltines!

AKD said...

I started getting super-sick around 6 weeks - I can't recommend enough talking to your RE about a prescription for Zof.ran. It helps with the vomiting so much - you'd still have nausea, but less/no vomiting.

Feel better! I am counting down until tomorrow!