Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Current Events with Rachel

Alternate title: Rachel's Rants

SPC Bradley Manning, 22, is a person of interest in the case of approximately 1 billion pages of leaked classified material. It has been reported that he was "disgruntled." Oh my gravy, disgruntled at 22?! Dude has a long life ahead of him.

Arizona's immigration law will go into effect tomorrow. I'm not going to step into the thick of it but I will say this: Think what you want about undocumented immigrants but there's no reason to be hateful about it. You never know, all that hate may be why Arizona's governor has the skin of a prune. Then again she could have just spent too much time in the sun but are you willing to risk it? DON'T HATE!!!

In November, Oklahoma will elect it's first female governor. I'm so proud! I believe both candidates would do a good job, but I must betray my political affiliation and pledge my vote to the other party's candidate. I really like her. And from what I can tell she obviously uses appropriate amounts of sunscreen.

I heard this today on Fresh Air. I greatly admire this man for being courageous enough to share his beliefs despite the consequences.


The Gutsy Mom said...

I love current events with you -- I especially love that at least two of these current events highlight one of my favorite things about the world: We are WAY MORE INTERESTING than simply being Always A or Always B. Not all evangelicals need to believe the exact same things about every issue, nor does a person always have to vote for a member of the same political party. Isn't that refreshing?

Oh, and go OK!

AKD said...

I think our politics are very, very similar!! :)