Friday, June 11, 2010

Less Obsessing, More Packing

It's the final countdown...

Yeah, so I leave the MC in about 25 hours and I haven't packed a thing. Unless you count the suitcase I haven't unpacked from 4 weeks ago. TOIAW, or Rain Man as I call him, cannot sit down before unpacking once he arrives home from a trip. Every. Single. Thing. Must be in it's proper place lined up at right angles. See how my method saves valuable time?

Speaking of obsessions, our housekeeper is very adament about me going through my clothing, kichenware, etc. and culling all of the discards. I haven't done that either but why does she care? I'm not sure if she wants to keep it or sell it or what. Last Friday she wore a shirt I had "donated" and basically said she couldn't believe it was mine because it's so small. So, uh sure, let me get right on that sorting thing for you. Today she'll probably say, "Really, you want all these pots and pans? You don't even cook."

The truth is I am feeling much better today and actually feel like doing something other than laying in bed or on the couch watching CNN International's World Cup countdown clock. If you're going to be attending the games and need info on the newly minted public transportation system, let me know and I'll fill you in on the details. Be warned, however, that the cab drivers are pretty miffed about it and have staged several protests and some have evened threatened violence against people who choose public transport.

I must admit that my improved mood isn't just because I'm no longer writhing in pain. This morning I had a wonderful time of Bible study and prayer and I just gave this whole darn thing over to God. He alone is the giver and creator of life and while it might be helpful for some to read about the cramping Sandy in Indianapolis had after her IVF, I'm not Sandy in Indy and my body is different and there is just no way to know until next week. Just like Sandy and you, I was fearfully and wonderfully made and I am going to bask in the faith my creator has given me!

P.S. I was wrong last night about the cramps being completely gone but they're light now which is probably best because if they were completely gone, I wouldn't be so calm. I did get some sleep though!


Rachel said...

I have always imagined you to be a beacon of grace and calm while facing MC and their medical system. I am so glad that your feeling of calm has returned and will be waiting to hear all the good news next week. Any chance that you're going to test at home or have you found a doctor to do a beta for you? Will you be with your mother when you get the news?

Soapchick said...

Have an enjoyable flight Rachel. I'm praying hard that God's plan involves one or two of those super embryos sticking and thriving!

N said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better, and got some rest (and that the cramps aren't completely gone). Good luck with your packing, and safe travels!

AKD said...

I will definitely keep you in mind for all of my MC public transportation needs. ;)

I'm so glad that you're feeling well-but-not-too-well. You know what I mean. I just have so much hope and faith for you, Rachel. Hugs - and safe travels, if we don't hear from you again!

Tracy said...

Very good attitude. I did the same during my cycles, and it was (somewhat) liberating. Keep the faith, girl.

I don't suppose you're thinking "Tracy in Michigan" when you say Sandy in Indianapolis, are you? ;)

I am one of those that must unpack right away, too. I'm OCD that way. About most things. Same with grocery shopping. I don't even let Scott do it anymore.