Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Wish I Knew

Okay, so now it's bugging me that I didn't get my beta results yesterday. I've been cool with it until about the last 30 minutes and now it's really bothering me. I still have plenty o' symptoms (probably until I hit 'publish' and then they will all disappear) like nausea, fatigue, and boobs so painful I don't want to move. And then I tell myself one beta isn't as telling as the second one to see what the doubling time is so it's good I'll only have to 36 hours after I get the results of the first to get the results of the second (assuming the RE's office has a lab and they should because, hello, they're an RE office).

I've been sleeping 10-12 hours a day which means it will be Monday in no time, right?


N said...

Monday in no time! I have to admit, I selfishly enjoyed when you were in MC, because whenever you'd post about upcoming things or finding stuff out, I knew that you were a while ahead, so that I'd find out "early." Now I have to wait until Monday, too! *whine*

AKD said...

I don't know how you're doing it, so don't you feel bad at all! I'm NOT a patient person, so I totally get it! I'm impatient FOR you! :) You're right, though, your wait will be less for beta #2, which is a good thing.

It's so weird to celebrate you feeling bad, but I am because of what it means! Yay, sore boobs! ;)

Tracy said...

You'll drive yourself crazy with this, trust me. You'll want the beta results, then the next results, then the ultrasound, then the 14 week mark. Then the 24 week mark, then the 32 week mark, etc...etc... you know the drill better than anybody.

Hang on to your faith and give it to God. Take lots of deep breaths and feel His love. Pray. Then pray some more.

If you feel like sleeping that much, I would say that is a good sign in and of itself. That was my #1 pregnancy symptom...I called it "excruciating exhaustion." We'd be walking into a store and I'd want to lay down on the pavement, I was so tired.

Hang in there.