Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going With the Flow

Dealing with my insurance yesterday was just as complicated as I expected. They pretty much had no idea what to do with me and/or how to help me get the appointments I need. It's very typical for government workers: They are perfectly content to go about their day doing the same thing hour after hour but as soon as someone throws them a curve ball, they're quick to provide 67 reasons why they can't do that. Fortunately, I expected as much and wasn't upset in the least.

The basic problem is that I need to see an RE (fertility specialist) however none will see me other than to "monitor" me by running blood work and other tests ordered by another doctor. But I don't have another doctor who is authorized to order testing in the U.S. and even if my doctor in the MC could write orders, he cannot prescribe medication here so what good does it do me for him to monitor me? My explanation was completely lost on the people with whom I was speaking so I just let it go. I then called the MFM (high-risk OB) who TOIAW had spoken with a few weeks ago and he wants to see me tomorrow morning. He doesn't think he's expert enough in this area to treat me but he's much better than what I currently have: Nothing. He is well respected as the top MFM in the area and I'm very happy with the way things turned out. His nurse told me he will go over his plan for me and help me find the additional doctors I might need.

When I get to Boston, I'll do it all over again! These are wonderful problems to have!

P.S. My old friend All-Day Nausea and I have rekindled our relationship much earlier than I thought we would. Oh, and the second line on my First Response pregnancy tests have gotten much darker but the cheapie internet tests? Still no line. Even though I'm using the same urine (sorry, TMI).


caitsmom said...

Wow, you sound so calm! Best of luck with all of this. Sending "baby dust"

AKD said...

I wish I could come and beat some heads for you. That doesn't even make SENSE. You need to be seen, but they won't support the orders written by the only doctor that is accepted since he's overseas. That's... logical. I can't wait for updates on the MFM tomorrow - I would assume they could get you beta numbers?

By the way - I love you being back in the US! Even though I can still only read updates at night, it feels like I'm not missing out on a full 24 hours of info!! :)

Rachel said...

Yay for moving so close to us! And also for these wonderful problems!

I do hope you get it sorted out soon. At least for a beta, any doctor should be able to write the script and maybe even do a quick ultrasound to give you a preliminary idea of what is going on.

Hoping to read sky-high beta numbers on your blog tomorrow afternoon ;-)

The Major's Wife said...

I gotta feeling it's twins, positive thoughts your way. In the middle of another PCS ourselves.

玉龍玉龍 said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest...................................................................