Monday, June 14, 2010

The Deleted Post

A couple people have mentioned the deleted post from yesterday. It was terribly whiny and was written during a particularly emotional moment. If I read that on someone's blog, I would be really worried about them so, just so you know, I'm better than I was when I wrote that.

TOIAW talked this morning and a "no" on this might not be the end of the road for us. I'm 36, he's 35--we're young and a lot of life ahead of us. We'll figure it out and keep trying to make our dream come true. Basically, I no longer feel as desperate and hopeless. EVERYthing is better when you have hope and I am thankful I do (even if I don't have so much hope for this cycle).

I'm off to get a pedicure* and go to Target. How could I possibly be sad when I get to spend the afternoon doing that?

*This is an especially good thing because we are having massive flooding in my hometown (8+ inches of rain so far today) and when I got gas earlier I stepped in icky, gross gas station water while wearing flip flops. Ewwww.


Rachel said...

Rachel, I am SO sorry that this cycle did not work. I am glad that you and TOIAW are holding out hope for the future, but I can only imagine how devastating this must be for you. I hope that you find plenty of comfort with family and friends this week.

N said...

I am so glad to read this post. I didn't find the other one whiny in the least, but I did worry about you, much the same as I worry about all my friends when they're going through hard times.

Enjoy your pedicure today, you well deserve it.

Miss Ruby said...

"I'm 36, he's 35--we're young and a lot of life ahead of us."

I'm glad you said that. Even though we're no longer "officially" trying, Guvnor still says that we have "time" in which we can have a baby...yes I do, I'm only soon to be 31 but he's 41 and time is a ticking but I'm glad he's fine with the possibility of being "an older dad", something he always said he didn't want to be.

Still keeping everything crossed for you!

AKD said...

You are both DEFINITELY young, and there is so much time for this. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle, but you've definitely got lots of time. I'm sending you love and prayers.

Soapchick said...

I've got 5 years on you and my new RE keeps telling me that I'm not too old. Hang in there Rachel, things will be bright again.