Tuesday, June 8, 2010


These IVF posts are terribly boring, sorry. I just like having everything documented so that if I have to do this again (and I REALLY hope I don't), I can obsess over the details.

Two blastocysts and one morula* were transferred yesterday. The embryologist/clinic director said they were "very good" but I'm not sure if I believe him because if they were that good I don't know why he wanted to transfer all of them. My doctor would certainly want to but the embryologist is far more conservative (read: reasonable). This, however, is the agreement we came to on Saturday when we sat with both of them (when my bladder was already full, full, full so I might not remember all the details of the conversation) and discussed numbers so maybe that's why he didn't balk. I didn't ask for the grade of the blasts (it didn't even occur to me to ask) but it's probably better that way anyway because it's done now and worrying if they are indeed "very good" or not won't help me.

So, I've been having quite a bit of cramping. In the cycle that resulted in Sarah's pregnancy, I wrote that I had mild to moderate cramping in the week following the transfer. I would classify the cramping I've had to be moderate for significant periods of time (like when I was trying to sleep and I woke-up unable to get comfortable) but it has nearly stopped for the moment. I know I didn't have cramping like this during the failed cycle in February because I was looking for it and it wasn't there. Who knows?

I won't lie, I'm optimistic because, let's face it, I'm going to be shattered if it doesn't work and pretending I don't have my hopes up now would be a big fat lie.

*For those of you who don't understand that, it means two were on-target and one was a bit behind.


N said...

I am so very hopeful for you. Yay for cramping!

And I don't find these posts boring in the least. :)

AKD said...

I totally understand the emotions, hopes, and dreams tied up in this. That's natural, and it shows how much of your heart you're putting in this. It sounds like the transfer yesterday went AWESOME, though (again!), and I can't believe I'm excited for you to be cramping! :)

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Rachel said...

Crampy sounds good given your previous cycles ;-)

Can't wait to hear the good news on beta day! And if I have followed your timeline correctly, you will be happily back in the U.S. by the time you get that news, which is great. Also hoping you'll come visit us soon ;-)