Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Good, Bad, and Annoying

The transfer is set for Saturday! At my appointment yesterday my doctor said everything looks great and he was very pleased which was nice to hear from someone who rarely shows emotion. He also wants to do another transfer two days later on Monday. I'm not sure why but it does satisfy my desire to do a 5-day transfer so I didn't argue. The bad news is that TOIAW is leaving that day so I will have to go to the clinic alone. The really bad news is I will have to self-administer intramuscular progesterone shots. In the immortal words of the Oklahoma cowboys on The Amazing Race, "Oh, my gravy..." I'm pretty sure I will be able to do it but it will likely prove to be quite interesting.

TOIAW and I have been making the most of the two weeks we get to spend together before being apart for another two months. We have had a lovely time, but today he is on my last nerve. The past several days have been very busy and the next few will be as well so I was looking forward to relaxing a little today before going out tonight. He, on the other hand, seems determined to follow me around the house pestering me. It's a lot of fun. Tonight, however, truly will be wonderful because we are meeting with an old friend.

She and several of her friends are on a special trip. Her husband was killed in action in Iraq last year and when she received his personnal items there was a map detailing a trip he planned on taking upon his return. So this year she is doing the trip he planned and the itinerary calls for a stop in my fair city. I can't wait to see her and tour with her and her friends tomorrow! Her husband was a great guy and I am so excited to spend Memorial Day with her.

I hope you will also have an opportunity to thank someone who serves, has served, or has sacrificed greatly for our nation!


AKD said...

Rachel, I am so excited! I will be praying for both of your transfers to go so very, very well! I am so happy that you have such a solid plan, and that everything looks great.

I hope that you two get to spend lots of quality time together, and that you get some rest during the transfers!

Anonymous said...

It's nice that you have a little good news! Best of luck to you on your transfers.

I can relate to the spousal complaints -- it's weird how deployments mess with our routine and make us crabby during that adjustment time. We have been working opposite schedules lately, and on Saturday we finally had a day off at the same time, but we ended up bickering all day instead of enjoying each other's company! Aghhhh, not sure if that's really what you're going through, maybe we're just disfunctional!

I hope you get to enjoy some time together anyways. :)