Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Our trip was nice but it's good to be back at our apartment. Now I'm planning yet another trip: I'm going to Oklahoma on Sunday! Woo-hoo!!!

It seems like my time in Oklahoma is always so rushed and I'm never able to do everything I want so this time I'm going to have a tentative schedule. For instance, I absolutely must get a pedicure (or two), my eyebrows waxed, and my hair cut. I need to finish/make/ship approximately 8 baby gifts (some more than a year overdue--I'm so ashamed). I'm also going on a quick overnight shopping trip to an outlet mall near Dallas (but with family so I'm not missing any time with them!) and taking my grandmother to a doctor's appointment. But the most important thing I will be doing is spoiling my dogs with many walks and trips to the really awesome local dog park. It probably won't be relaxing in a traditional sense but it will be fun and I couldn't be more excited!

While I'm counting down the days for my trip, I'm busying myself with Quicken. Oh how I love and hate you, Quicken. Part of the problem is I haven't used it in well over a year--maybe two--but when I updated our accounts I imported every transaction that occured in the meantime. Oy! TOIAW and I made a commitment to be bigger givers and savers this year which has been going well but I was curious about where our money was going and, since I love charts and graphs (seriously, I love a good color pie chart more than is socially acceptable), resurrecting Quicken seemed like a natural thing to do. My final bit of motivation came when we received *cue ominous music* our investment statement in the mail. Ouch. It's looking better than it was but we still took a big hit. Also, I recently read No One Would Listen about the Bernie Madoff debacle (great book, by the way) and now I'm paranoid about losing our investments so I want to make sure we have at least a decent amount in retirement income and our 401k-type savings plan.

In other news, I had another appointment with my RE on Saturday. He did an ultrasound and said that the blood flow to my uterus isn't yet where he wants it to be. He is, however, still hoping for a transfer in May--and so am I. I'm more than happy to entertain any crazy ideas you may of heard about ways to increase blood flow to my uterus! So now it's just a matter of continuing the meds and I will see him when I get back from the U.S. The trip was carefully planned around the appointments but at least I get to go and I'm sure the time there will reduce my stress and anxiety levels.

It can't hurt, right?

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AKD said...

I've been wondering if you were going to get a chance to get home sometime soon - I hope your dad is feeling lots better! I'm so jealous of your organizational skills - I'm fairly organized, but you've got serious skills!!

I'm hoping that the meds do their job, and that you come back to an ultrasound that shows great things. Hoping for May with you!