Sunday, March 7, 2010

Medical Report

Do you watch The Office? Have you seen the episode where Michael hits Meredith with his car and when he gets to the office and announces it to everyone he says this, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news. Meredith was hit by a car. It happened this morning in the parking lot. I took her to the hospital and the doctors tried to save did the best they could...and she's going to be okay." To that Stanley replies, "What is wrong with you?"

That's what I wanted to say to my doctor yesterday. When he gave me the report he told me his hypothesis about my uterine cavity being too small was correct and he removed a little tissue to make it larger. He also said some parts of my endometrium were not healthy which he will treat with medication. We were doing well until someone asked (the IVF coordinator of my friend Sarah) when I could begin the next cycle and he said, "maybe weeks, maybe months, I don't know until your next ultrasound." I broke down in tears which completely through him for a loop and I tried to explain that I understood why I had to wait but that it was frustrating. He stared at me with bewilderment before saying that, if everything looks good at my next appointmet (2 weeks from yesterday), we could start that day. I wish Stanley had been there to ask, "What is wrong with you?" He then went on to say he hoped to proceed as soon as possible because the it's ideal to cycle soon after a hysteroscopy.

Another item of note is how amazing my language skills are when I'm in distress! When they took me in the operating room I was freezing and they had already given me one part of the anathesia, however, the remainder of the dose would come when I was on the table. The doctor asked me to slide onto the operating table and I told him I would as soon as he got me a blanket. Everyone laughed, I saw someone put something in my IV, and I can only assume the nurses moved me and that I never got a blanket. Then, when I woke-up I kept speaking to Sarah in the local language asking her where I was. And, when she stepped out to get a bite to eat I called the nurse and told her I was in pain. Big mistake because the shot she gave me brought me to tears. Who knew that when you get me a little loopy those many hours of language come back to me?

It seemed like forever until I was ready to leave but I finally made it home sore and tired and really missing TOIAW. I managed to make a spreadsheet for my medication schedule and then went to bed. I woke-up this morning with a pounding heart that I know is due to anxiety and I hate it. It's normal now. Because I love you I will give you this helpful hint: If you haven't eaten all day and are craving spicy chili, do not--I repeat DO NOT--eat chili and then go to bed. I rarely have indigestion but I had it most of the night and it's still lingering this morning. It's safe to say I won't have chili for quite some time.

Okay, I'm off to follow my doctor's orders of "sexual and physical abstinence." It's number one on the list so it must be important. Don't tell him but if I feel okay later I will probably walk *slowly* on the treadmill otherwise I'll never sleep tonight.


N said...

Oh your poor stomach! Heh.

It makes sense about the language being easier, though, because you were more relaxed (physically/mentally, if not emotionally). I hope everything looks good in two weeks.

AKD said...

I've been praying for you, Rachel - I hope you get to feeling better quickly, and that the time flies until your husband gets back home. I would, however, have considered smacking the doctor for that kind of explanation.

I'm hoping the next two weeks fly by for you.

Peaches said...

I love The Office and I can totally relate to the story you just spun. I'm glad that your "other" language kicked in just when you needed it most. I hope your follow up in 2 weeks reveals only good news.

Rachel said...

You are SO brave to do this in a foreign country with different cultural norms. I am very relieved to hear that it shouldn't be too long a wait. I am so glad that you didn't go to the appointment alone.