Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Freaking Out

I cannot log into my email account. It says my password is not correct and when I go to reset it, I get a message telling me that service isn't available. TOIAW also has an AOL account and his is working just fine. Any ideas or suggestions will be very appreciated!


N said...

Yikes! The one time that happened to me, the MAIN AOL account (my mom at the time) had to contact them to have them re-set my password. :-/ I hope it gets fixed soon!

The Gutsy Mom said...

Hello, dear friend. First of all, I am sorry I haven't been here for several weeks. You have been busy. Your blog design is gorgeous. I love it here. I am going to come by just to stare at your lovely colors. And yes, it is totally you. Most of all, I want to say that your faith--through everything--helps me to be more faithful, too. I don't know how else to explain that, other than just to say thank you for being you and for sharing it with us through your blog. Lastly, I am so sorry to read about the negatives. This is beyond not fair. I pray God will answer you soon. (I am also sorry about the email situation--this is not acceptable--but I have no idea how to fix it.) Mucho hugs.

AKD said...

I've had the same experience as N with my local e-mail provider - hopefully a quick call and they can reset it for you!

HUGS - I don't do well without my e-mail!