Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Decision

After a LONG week of negotiations, research, dicussions, and prayer TOIAW and I have reached a decision: Boston. Well, Cambridge to be exact but we probably won't live in Cambridge. We will most likely live on an air force base near the city.

This decision has dominated nearly all of our conversations this week and I'm glad it has been made. I am also beyond thrilled for TOIAW. He will be attending one of the most prestigious universities in the world and he was accepted by three of top schools in the United States.

I have so much more to say but I'm tired and it's our anniversary (good thing he got the final good news today because the gift I ordered him didn't make it here in time!) so I'll leave it here for now. I'm going to dream of fall foliage in New England!


Rachel said...

Congratulations to your husband and what a wonderful place for you! When you're closer to arriving we have oodles of favorite restaurants and such in the area (my darling did one of his degrees nearby and we had an apartment in Som.erville, literally aross the street from the Camb.ridge line). Oh, and we'll be visiting at the end of May and again in July ... when do you plan to arrive?

AKD said...

Oh, my gosh, Rachel, that's awesome!! I was in Boston about a year ago for work - it's just so beautiful, and so much history!! I hope you absolutely love it!

And such big congrats to your husband on getting into all three schools - that's amazing! Happiest of anniversaries to you!

N said...


And, well. Boston isn't as close as New York, but I suppose I can approve (because I know that's what matters to you, haha).