Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We're alive, by the way. The trip is not so bad. I have some hilarious pictures of the hotel we're staying in tonight but right now I'm just going to whine.

Something happened today that really upset me and I can't get it off my mind. Someone made up complete lies about TOIAW and I--mixed them in with a distorted version of the truth--and sent it in a not-so-professional work email to several people. It doesn't affect TOIAW in any professional capicity but it really upset me. I was furious. I'm still working on that. I hate that I cannot stop thinking about the person who said these things and how I want them to be punished. Why can't I just let it go? Instead, I want to speak this person's boss. I want to speak to her boss's boss. I want to write a letter to Hillary Clinton. I want to request a Congressional Inquiry. I want her to pay for upsetting me because she and TOIAW got off on the wrong foot when he was trying to protect me by making things easier for me because I was sad about moving to a foreign country with my daughter in an urn and not in my arms.

And while I know my feelings are normal and natural I also know that it's not what God wants for me or any of us, really. My sister-in-law once told me that "bitterness is a poison you give yourself." So very true.


AKD said...

You have every right to be upset about it. That's really too bad that she is so vindictive - you would think someone would be able to put themselves in your shoes, but maybe she just isn't very empathetic.

God absolutely calls on us to forgive, which it sounds like you're doing - but you were still hurt unjustly, and you deserve to express that. Don't you ever feel bad about your feelings!

Soapchick said...

Wow, I'm so sorry that you were hurt by this horrid excuse of a person. In time the anger will subside. Maybe focusing on holy week will help you embrace forgiveness....although I know it's hard.