Saturday, February 20, 2010


This morning one of TOIAW's colleagues called to ask us if we wanted to spend the week traveling with his family. He had done all the research and all we had to say was yes or no. Ummm...I don't do well with spontaneous weekend travel plans and the longer the trip is, the more anxiety I have. He really needed an immediate answer and I could tell TOIAW wanted to go so I said yes. I've heard good things about the city--a friend of mine spent New Year's there with her family and sent me a copy of a digital photo book of their trip and it certainly looked like a good time was had by all (hey, G!)--but it wasn't on my travel radar until this morning. One thing that kind of frustrates me is that TOIAW was supposed to visit this country in an official capacity, visiting his counterparts at the embassy and getting a feel for the country on that level. Thanks to the budget crisis that isn't going to happen so if he wants to go there, it's a personal expense. At the very least I'm looking forward to spending time with the four kids who will be traveling with us because they are so fun and adorable.

Also this morning I had a quick appointment with a new doctor. I really like the doctor I've been seeing but she doesn't speak English and since TOIAW will be traveling often I will not be able to rely on his tranlation skills. The embryologist, the new doctor, and the IVF coordinator all sat in on the appointment although I'm not sure why because it was made very clear that before we discuss anything I will have a hysteroscopy. TOIAW asked if we would transfer more embryos last time and someone--I think it was the embryologist--threw out a number that I am completely not comfortable with and my face must have said that because the doctor was quick to say that if there were too many, we could just "do a reduction" and I was quick to point out that is not an option for us. These things don't really bother me all that much because, as I said before, they will do things my way this cycle.

I better get to bed or I'll sleep too late tomorrow and I'll never be able to sleep on the 19 hour train ride. NINETEEN HOURS?! I hope this doesn't make me regret my spontaneity.


AKD said...

That's so awesome! I hope you have an awesome time on the trip - that train ride sounds brutal, but I hope you have a great time!

I'm so glad that you're being your own advocate with all of the doctors. Sending you lots of love.

Soapchick said...

Okay so how was the trip?