Friday, February 5, 2010

Now? Seriously?

Yesterday I told TOIAW that I wasn't totally at peace with doing the transfer on day 2.5 but he seemed to dismiss me and we didn't discuss it further when he got home. Or maybe we did but it seems like we only discussed the "how many?" question. I spent a lot of time praying about it and just told myself "this is what they do and this is how they do it" and I was comforted by that. As far as the number question goes, I decided we would deal with that today after we found more out about the embryos development. I am someone who likes to make a decision, accept it, and move forward. I had completed all three of those stages for the 2.5 day transfer and was at peace with it.

THEN, TOIAW called me this morning to say, "Just because we're going there today doesn't mean we're going to do the transfer today so I want you to know that." What?! He explained further that if we have "many" embryos that we should wait and see how they do and proceed with the strongest ones. Yes, I know this; it's what I was trying to tell you yesterday. Did it take you 21 hours to process what I was saying? He called and spoke with the embryologist who still pushed for a transfer today so this should be very interesting...and not in a way that I would like it to be. I don't want to listen to an argument and, no offense, but the people of the Mystery Country love to argue. It's how they communicate. In the end this is probably for the best but this is not how I pictured it!

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AKD said...

Hopefully this doesn't result in any unnecessary stress for you, but I hope that everything goes as you're comfortable with things going! I know that things are going to go great regardless, but I just hope this is a time that you can ENJOY!