Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eggs and Elevators

So we have quite a few eggs...yay! I don't know exactly how many but I heard the phrase "more than twenty" but I assume that was total eggs and not just the mature ones. The only fertilization report I heard was "it's okay" and while I would have pressed for more information, I decided I'll just wait and see what they say tomorrow. Why the new, chill, un-"very emotional" attitude you ask? Because I already had a freak-out today and after I calmed down I decided it's not my job to fix all the broken things in the Mystery Country (ha! as if that's possible).

My freak-out was about our elevator being broken and me being concerned to walk up four very long flights of stairs hours after the transfer. This is why I called the clinic in the first place because I wanted to know if they think this is a problem (they don't). I know there are two different schools of thought on bed rest after transfer and people get pregnant both with bed rest and modified activity so it is what it is. I laughed when I was praying about it because I never dreamed to pray that the elevator would be repaired by tomorrow, only that walking up the stairs wouldn't effect my chances of getting pregnant. Why not? Because that would be a miracle and, if by some chance it did happen, I fear our building would become a site for pilgrims to come and see the place where the miracle of the one-day elevator repair took place. Although some incense might actually improve the smell of the vestibule and we could certainly use some light from candles...

Speaking of miracles, our transfer is tomorrow afternoon. I can't seem to wrap my mind around that. The only miracle I've ever been part of is Sarah and I long--oh, how I long!--to be part of another one just as beautiful and amazing as she was.


N said...

Hah! That would be quite a miracle indeed!

So glad to hear that there are a "bunch" of eggs, and fingers crossed that all goes well with the transfer tomorrow!

AKD said...

A "bunch," while hard to quantify, is great! Let's hope for a "ton" to have fertilized!

Thinking of you while you're preparing for the transfer! Aah, what a nerve-wracking time. I hope that the elevator gets fixed - I know that I worry about our two flights of stairs in our townhouse when we do transfers, too, and I also just have to keep myself calm. I figure me stressing is worse on the implantation than the stairs.

I've got prayers going and every part of me crossed for you!

Rachel said...

We'll be thinking about you all day and hoping transfer goes smoothly.