Thursday, February 11, 2010

Campers of the Month!

These two lovlies were named Campers of the Month at their doggie day care! That's either because a) the staff can see what has been obvious to us from the begining--they are the most amazing, sweetest, fun dogs on the planet or b) because they (we) are the best customers the "camp" has. It's definitely one or the other and I'm not entirely sure option b is true because there are some customers whose "parents" are frequent travelers.

Somehow--probably because she is so tired after camp--my mom has been able to somewhat train Bootsy. She doesn't let her slide with the you're too cute and you had such a hard life so you don't have to mind excuse. This is probably a good thing as we never had the heart to do it.

I hate that they are not here with us--I mean I HATE it but it probably is best because there's really nothing dog friendly about the winters around here. I miss them terribly but their camp has cameras in the day care rooms and I get to log-on and watch them every day which is nice.

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AKD said...

Wow, that's so awesome - you have to miss them tons! We have a bunny, and it's funny how tough it is to be away from them! We have friends who bunny-sit when we're traveling, and they have to text us pictures of her!

Just such a beautiful dog!