Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anniversary of Sorts

Yesterday was the anniversary of the first time TOIAW told me he loved me. I probably would not remember this if not for the close proximity to Valentine's Day. I decided to celebrate by offering to take TOIAW to his favorite Indian restaurant with the understanding that he would then escort me to the grocery store for some much need provisions.

It was a great plan except for the Indian food. While I enjoy Indian cuisine, yesterday was not the day to go. As soon as we arrived, I started cramping but I was really hungry so I persevered through the pain. Our appetizers were good but the smells of our entrees just didn't sit well with me and I was rather miserable the second half of the meal. We ended up skippng the shopping and went straight home instead. Thankfully, TOIAW was able to do some shopping at a different market this afternoon but because it was snowing and the sidewalks were slick, I had to stay home in my gilded cage.

I didn't take a pregnancy test today--aren't you proud of me? I may or may not tomorrow. A negative tomorrow would be much more upsetting than yesterday's negative so I doubt I will. Thanks for your kind comments and emails; they were really sweet and encouraging. I know it's very early and I still have plenty of hope for this cycle. We'll know soon!

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AKD said...

What a sweet anniversary! I love Indian food, but I'm guessing it wasn't a good thing with an upset stomach!

I just know that your test will be great when you take it, Rachel! I'm proud of you - I know how INCREDIBLY hard it is to hold off!