Monday, January 25, 2010

Hearts Aflutter

One of the fun side effects of IVF drugs for me is changes in my heart rate. It goes up--although never above 100bpm--and beats harder than usual or at least that's what it feels like to me. I hate it. It freaks me out every time because every time it "feels" serious...and then it goes away. For instance, a couple of hours ago I was at 96bpm so I laid down with my feet up and checked with Dr. Google (who was no help, by the way) until it went down. I checked again right after I took a shower and started dinner and it was much lower. It makes me crazy and I don't need any help in that department.

The strangest part of all this is that this time I'm only on one hormone: Estrogen. I was determined to help find an answer about this and when I was in the shower I rembered that the last time it was this bad was when I took Clomid for a test I had to do before I did my last IVF cycle. It was so bad that time that I actually visited the emergency room (where they tried really hard to keep a straight face while assuring me my vitals and tests were 100% normal). TOIAW said it has happened during every IVF cycle as well but I don't remember that. Anyway, I did some research into Clomid--a drug I love to hate--and it's turns out it causes the body to produce more estrogen. Lovely. I think I've found my culprit. I hope this at least means things are working and my uterine lining is becoming all womby and plush for the embryos!

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AKD said...

Isn't it weird to say, "Yay, womb"? :) But... YAY, WOMB, for building up a lining (well, presumably - you know what I mean). I hope your heart rate evens out here - that's such a scary feeling.