Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We're [finally] having some friends over for dinner on Saturday. I've decided to be very organized about it because 1) I'm a nerd, 2) I feel like better organization will help keep the stress down, and 3) we invited a lot of people. It turns out not that many people are going to attend which is actually a good thing but I'm sticking to my Excel timeline spreadsheet (told you I was a nerd). All the food is simple and most can be prepared ahead of time so it should be pretty easy and I'm looking forward to it. I'm just wondering why I have 3 appetizers on the menu and 4 desserts? Oh, and 3 or the 4 desserts involve chocolate. I might need to diversify...

I'm continuing to feel much better today. I really needed to go to the grocery store but TOIAW wanted me to stay home. I'm still a little concerned about the idea of managing this with medication and I'm doubly--or more--concerned that this is something I can't take while pregnant. I'm going to call the America P.A. tomorrow and discuss it with her. Soapchick asked if perhaps my anxiety might be contributing to these issues. The answer is absolutely YES and I'm trying to work on that as well.

By the way, TOIAW discovered why the sidewalks are 3-5" of solid ice. The municipal workers in the MC are hourly wage earners who are paid time and a half for working outside in the winter. Apparently they have discovered that if they clear snow and ice right after it appears, they make far less money than if they wait until it reaches critical mass. Ummmm, okay.


AKD said...

I'm a planner, too! I think it's smart to get yourself prepared - you're way better than I am (Excel timeline = awesome!), but it just gives you more of a sense of control.

Take care of yourself, and only do what is needed - especially with ridiculous amounts of snow and ice!

Hua said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better today. I came across your blog and I think you have an amazing story. You are such a strong person, I wish for nothing but the best for you and TOIAW.

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