Friday, January 22, 2010

A Bullet Post

I've hardly left my apartment this week thanks to the extreme cold so I have a lot to say since I don't have one to use my words with. Here we go:

  • How cold is it? The high today was forecasted to be 6 but it's only half that right now and it's the middle of the afternoon. Tomorrow the high is 5 and Sunday 3. The 10-day forcast does not call for temperatures above freezing. In fact, the warmest is 22. It has not been above freezing since we returned from the U.S. on 5 January. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal but it is. All sidewalks are covered with ice (I mentioned this a few days ago) as are the stairs down to the subway. Being the inconsiderate employer I am, I asked our housekeeper to go to the market for me today so we can have some fresh produce. I feel guilty about it...but I would probably do it again. That's so wrong, I know. Anyway, she's a Mystery Country native so the cold doesn't bother her as much as it does me although she does hate the snow. It's not snowing today and that does help ease my conscience.
  • The other day when I did dare to venture out of the house, I saw a woman wearing a hat that looked an awful lot like the Daniel Boone hats my brothers used to wear when they played cowboys and Indians (I'm afraid they were terribly un-PC). People here wear a lot of fur and I've gotten used to that but the hats are ridiculous--and they usually don't cover the wearer's ears which is baffling to me--but this was by far the most outrageous one I've seen; it had a tail and everything although it looked more fox than racoon. Still, Daniel's fashion could very well be making a comeback here. When we go to the IVF clinic the coat check room looks like a fur boutique and there I am with my 75% off long puffy coat which did not involve harming any animals. I do think the fur coats are gorgeous and elegant which, you know, makes sense since they are made from the pelts of beautiful animals. And while I don't judge those who do wear them I cannot bring myself to wear one (for a variety of reasons, actually) despite TOIAW's offer to buy one for me.
  • My housekeeper just got here and she put laundry in before I could stop her. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of sorting by color (I haven't even broached the idea of sorting by fabric...) so I hope everything turns out alright. Also, you'll be happy to know she survived the cold.
  • I'm moving right along on when it comes to getting excited about the donor egg cycle. I'm even looking at baby stuff online--because we know several people who are having babies soon--and I allow myself to think "what if" for us, too. I even looked at maternity clothes!
  • We have zero weekend plans so tomorrow we're going to check-out a new mall. Apparently they have mini-golf there...exciting. Most of the "sites" here are outdoors or unheated and it's just too cold for that. TOIAW starts going a little crazy if he doesn't get out and do something. He's a lot like our dogs in that respect. I, on the other hand, am happy to watch six continuous hours of Real Housewives, House Hunters, or The Bachelor.
  • I confess I have recorded and watched every episode of The Bachelor. I really like him although I have no idea why he would go on that show.

This is a completely pointless post so I'll close with a funny story. Last night TOIAW was tired and went to bed before me. When I went to bed I tried to be as quiet as possible but as soon as I opened the door he began talking to me very animatedly...

TOIAW: [says something very fast in the local language--in which he is fluent and it's often the language in which he dreams--that I completely do not understand]

Me: "What?"

TOIAW: [repeats previous statement, I assume]

Me: [in local language] "Repeat, please?" [incidentally, I love this phrase even though I rarely understand people when they do repeat]

TOIAW: [AGAIN in local language] "I SAID, blah blah blah, do you understand [the local language]?"

Me: "No, I don't understand [the local language]. Would you mind speaking to me in English?"

TOIAW: [seemingly awake] "In my dream you spoke it just fine."

Me: "Well I don't now and if your dream involved aliens we don't need to discuss it."

TOIAW: "Okay, good night. I love you."

Me: "I love you, too."

Ninety percent of the time his dreams involve an alien attack. I wish I were kidding.


The Gutsy Mom said...

"In my dream you spoke it just fine." That is TOO funny. All smiles over here. (I'm a bit worried about the aliens, though.) So happy to see such frequent postings!

AKD said...

Wow, the alien dreams are really, really specific! :)

I hope it warms up, and I'm just so excited for you and the egg donor cycle!