Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

I have done absolutely nothing the past two days. I haven't felt well--just a cold, no big deal--and it's positively frigid outside so I've just been hanging out. I leave for the U.S. early Thursday morning and I cannot wait! I get to see my dogs; oh, how I've missed them!!! We'll of course be very busy while visiting my family for a week and then we'll be off to Florida for the cruise.

This, of course, presents a packing dilemma because I need both cold and warm weather clothing but I do not feel like schlepping multiple suitcases. Out of the eight flights I will take only one will be with TOIAW. When I flew here in October, I had so many bags I felt like a gypsy and since that memory is still fresh in my mind it's likely I will only take my computer and a purse as my carry-ons. Of course, it's far easier to pack for a trip to the U.S. because if you forget to pack something, it's easily accessible. I've ordered a few new things that will be waiting for me in Oklahoma so I know I'll have clothes to wear there but I should probably apologize in advance to my fellow cruisers because they are likely to see me in the same clothes on several occasions. I'm okay with that so I hope they are as well.

Tonight I'm going to continue to enjoy the peace and quiet before I have to pack and get ready for my 18.5 hours of travel time on Thursday. Have I ever shared with you that I've become a super nervous flier ever since I quit my job as a flight attendant? 'Tis true. It's not that I experienced anything scary as an F/A, it's just that you have a sense of control when you're working on a plane as opposed to when you're a passenger. Okay, flight attendants aren't really in control of anything but if they have a question about something that's happening all they have to do is pick-up the phone and ask the pilots. They really frown upon individual passengers doing that. But, believe me, I make sure my area is safe and if you're sitting next to me and your luggage isn't completey under the seat in front of you, I will say something. On a flight last year I was in the emergency exit row and the man next to me had is laptop in the seat back pocket (major no-no) so the F/A asked him to stow it under the seat but he put it behind his legs (with a heavy sigh). I then put on my best sweet smile and said, "She said 'under the seat,' not 'behind your feet.'" Later during the flight the lead F/A discreetly asked me if I worked for the FAA and I said no with a puzzled look. She said one of the F/A's overheard my explanation for properly stowing luggage and assumed I was onboard to evaluate the crew. I was happy to eleviate her anxiety (because who likes to be anonymously evaluated?) and explain that I'm just a former F/A and a forever safety nut. I totally didn't mean to go off on that tangent and I promise to stop after I remind you to properly stow your luggage this holiday season--remember the overhead bins are shared space--and the crew is there primarily for your safety...and also to satisfy their own sadistic need to make everyone to follow the rules. Or maybe that was just me?


AKD said...

I hope that you are warm, warm, warm on your trip! We're a couple of states north of Oklahoma, and it was 5 degrees F when I drove home! I hope that you have an amazing trip - I know that I'm sending you warm "welcome home" vibes! :)

I think it's awesome that you're so vigilant on planes! People are really not good listeners - just because you've traveled often doesn't mean that you travel well. Hoping for a safe, fast flight for you!

JJ and Michelle Cartmill said...

You crack me up! I've missed you and can't wait to have you home! Call soon!