Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm feeling better now but I had a small set back yesteray in the form of a fever. I kept trying to tell the nurses I wasn't feeling well and that I thought I had a fever but they told me it just seemed high because it was taken from my ear and that shows higher temps. After three hours of rising temps and coaxing from TOIAW (he stepped out for few hours and wouldn't you know that's when I started feeling bad), they listened to me and I got some antibiotics. Still, it continued to rise and peaked at a little above 102F. It took most of the night for it to get down to normal but it finally did and I was able to take a shower which also greatly improved my mood!

Also, we reached an agreement with the insurance company, the doctors, and TOIAW's bosses that has us leaving on Sunday. A friend of TOIAW's was able to make arrangements for us to stay at an embassy-owned apartment which is awesome because 1) it's not expensive as the hotel, 2) there's a washer and dryer, 3) we won't have to eat out every meal, and 4) they have wi-fi access! TOIAW has slept in my room in a chair for two nights so I'm glad he'll get a proper night's rest tonight. He could have stayed in a hotel close to the hospital but he wasn't comfortable leaving me alone.

So, thanks to the advice of a dear friend, we are going to see the Lipizzaner stallions Saturday but I think tomorrow and Friday will be all about taking it easy. Another thing I hope to do is eat a decent meal. I've been nauseous since yesterday but I'm beginning to think it's just because I'm so hungry.


AKD said...

Oh, Rachel! A fever? Really, was that necessary, body? Hopefully there aren't any more stumbling blocks. I'm so glad to hear about the apartment - that's so much more convenient, and it sounds like it's a really affordable option (compared to the alternatives!). Plus, we get updates from you that way. :)

Have fun on Saturday - make sure you're taking care of yourself! Continued thoughts and prayers being sent your way!

The Gutsy Mom said...

Hooray for the apartment! Boo hiss for the fever. Enjoy the horses -- they are sooooo cool, and you know, of course, that "we" saved them. (We = the "group" our guys used to work for in Germany.)

E. Phantzi said...

Sorry you have been going through such a dreadfully rough time. Hope the apartment is just what you need for recovering.

Michele said...

I hope you are both able to get a good night's sleep and a decent meal. After all this you deserve AT LEAST that.