Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can I Go Home Now?

The surgery went well yesterday. It was short and the doctor did not have to remove any of my tube. Also, they didn't put in a drain which was the very worst part about the surgery to remove my previous ectopic. So, anyway, I'm ready to blow this popsicle stand. I mean maybe not today but soon. The doctor who did my surgery said I could leave Thursday but the doctor who is managing my case said they prefer to do a one-week check-up before releasing me to fly....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

That means I would be in the hotel with nothing to do because TOIAW cannot stay past Thursday unless it's a true life or death matter and, with any luck, it won't be. Additionally, I only have one more book, one magazine (but it is Economist so it will take a while to read), precious few clothes, and no computer after TOIAW leaves. I've been up and walking every hour--though not long or far--to impress the staff with my fitness. Unlike Germany, they have freely offered painkillers but I haven't needed it although I'm sure I'll get some tonight. I'm not just saying I feel good, I do. Not great, mind you, but good considering the circumstances.

Other than being concerned about being able to fly back to the Mystery Country, I'm also concerned about the timeline for our donor egg IVF cycle. I'm just going to put that out of my mind for now, though. Maybe the doctors there will allow this surgery to qualify the hysteroscopy I need. An organized person would have spent yesterday afternoon researching this topic rather than trying to figure it out after the fact. Oh well.

Thanks again for all the kind words of support! It's now time for me to eat my post-surgery day meal of mashed potatoes and carrots.


AKD said...

Oh, Rachel, I'm so glad that the surgery went so well - it truly sounds like it went ideally (for the situation - you know what I mean). I've been thinking of you often. Hopefully this counts as the hysteroscopy, and puts you right on track with the donor cycle.

I'll continue hoping for you and praying that you get back to the MC soon. I like your devious plans of fitness. :)

The Gutsy Mom said...

I am so glad to hear you are recovering so well. Hooray for a good surgery. Here's hoping you get out of there soon, because the thought of no internet and nothing to read for a few days in a foreign hotel is a little dire.

areyoukiddingme said...

Hope you get to leave before your reading material runs out. Glad to hear you're recovering so well.

Michele said...

Hope you can go back soon! I know you DONT want to be in one place with your sweetie in another. Especially right now.