Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stuff...lots of it

Happy day...our household goods were delivered today! Busy's a lot of work putting away all this stuff.

I have no idea when we accumulated so. much. stuff. I really don't know where I'm going to put all of my clothes. As soon as I gain some ground with the kitchen and decorating, I'm going to go through ALL of my clothes and I plan on making a very large donation.

TOIAW and I have different moving strategies. He likes the movers to unpack everything and then take the boxes with them. I like to unpack myself and discard the boxes on my own. We did it his way today which means I have stuff everywhere. My dining room table is large enough to sit ten people and it's piled high with kitchenware. I mean it's nice to not have the boxes and packing paper everywhere but when it's all splayed out it seems so overwhelming! I am making progress, though.

I found out my SIL is five weeks pregnant. Oh, to be able to be fully excited about a pregnancy at five weeks! She's only known for three days. Right now they're not sure if she's going to go on the cruise. I'm doing better with it...maybe. The cruise will be tough and, honestly, I don't want to go but the decision has to be made today and I guess I'll go. This will be my third cruise with TOIAW's family. It sounds fun, right? It's not. Not even close. They're awful even when I'm not horribly jealous. Oh how I wish I could change my heart and my thoughts!

Guess I'll get back to organizing. Things are far better when I'm thinking about other things.


AKD said...

I'm with you - I'm a gradual unpacker, since I don't like to put everything away twice. Hope the mountains clear out soon. :)

Wow, you're right - just being someone with infertility makes us so cautious with even 5 weeks of pregnancy (and rightfully so), so it's so hard to imagine being too confident at that point. I hope that the cruise is at least bearable - I know that I'd kill my own family if I were secluded on a boat with them, so I don't envy you. :)

JJ and Michelle Cartmill said...

I love you!

Soapchick said...

I say you just do your own thing on the cruise as much as possible. Go to yoga, go to the spa, go to the dancing lessons, whatever. That way you only have to see SIL at dinnertime.