Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?

I've been holding my breath about posting a PP update because I wanted to make sure she actually is doing well before I shout it out to the internets and jinx myself. Nevertheless, I think I can finally say she is on the road to recovery. This, however, did not come without a setback. This weekend I was that patient (or that patient's owner, as it were) with multiple phone calls to the hospital about PP's hunger strike and other odd behavior that had me very concerned. On Sunday morning I knew I could not face another day of wondering if she was okay so I took her back to the hospital. She had a high fever but after x-rays and blood work the culprit was found to be something rather simple: the area that was shaved in preparation for the surgery had broken out. I believe the technical medical description is "nasty." I felt really awesome for not having noticed this and I'm not sure if they believed me when I told them I had only seen her try to lick/clean the area a few times. They said they believed me, but if you had seen the area you might wonder how I could miss it because I sure did. In the end I was sent home with the world's most expensive tube of diaper rash creme, stronger antibiotics, and peace of mind that she was going to be just fine.

Oh, and I also left with the new found knowledge that PP loves baby food (they fed her some to see if she would eat it). She's eaten like a champ ever since which sure beats sitting on the floor trying to feed my dog pumpkin and boiled chicken with a spoon. The baby food is actually an excellent way to get both dogs to eat vegetables which is great. What is not great is the cost of organic baby food. Yes, I feed my dogs an organic diet. All my strict "no people [bad] people food for dogs" rules are really paying off for me, don't you think? Wait, don't answer that... Anyway, I always planned on making baby food for my children and now, after discovering the cost, I'm even more convinced!

So now I have a healing PP who has lots o' energy which does not mesh well with her discharge orders for "extremely restricted activity." She and Bootsy are separated most of the day and then Bootsy gets home and immediately looks to see if the crate is empty as this is her favorite napping spot (much to her sister's dismay). She also seems to enjoy the crate for the first part of the evening after which she transitions to my bed. Not to be outdone, PP gets on the bed and if I ever leave to go to bathroom, I usually return to a bed full of dogs and I have to move one or both of them. Last night I just tried to sleep in the unoccupied space and this morning my back is killing me. Tonight I'm considering trying out the crate.


AKD said...

Oh, Rachel, I'm so glad to hear that. I've been wondering how she was doing. What a blessing - I'm sure that it's funny watching her mush around the baby food, too. :)

The Gutsy Mom said...

Hooray for PP! And I so hear you on the cost of baby food. I was just thinking that this morning while feeding Maddie. I may be getting cloth diapering under control, but not so much on the organic/homemade baby food. At the moment I'll settle for anything that doesn't have added sugar. Of course, for Jills, in Germany, where all manufactured baby food was required by law to be "bio" and was cheaper, it was a non-issue. Maddie is working on teeth, so soon the baby food grinder will be my best friend again, and then I can cease and desist with the blasted little glass jars...

Sorry for the novel. Love to you, PP, B, and TOYAW. Miss you!