Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phase One: Complete

Well, the surgery went pretty well. The cardiologist didn't "like the way the device looked" once it was in but she said she pulled and prodded it quite a bit and was comfortable that it is in as securely as it can be at this point. Also, they did a test to see if there was any back-flow blood going through the hole and there was not. So I guess that makes us 2 for 3? Oh how I wanted everything to be perfect for a change! Whatever, it is what it is and we must deal with it which means that rather than three weeks of completely restricted activities, she will have six weeks. Good times, good times. The restriction is necessary in order for the blood vessel to mold around the device and completely close the hole. If she gets too rambunctious causing a lot of blood to flow at a heavy rate, the device could be dislodged and that would obviously be bad.

Okay, enough with the medical speak...on to my day hanging out in the vet clinic. First of all, the vet student assigned to PP is like the veterinary version of Dr. McDreamy. Seriously, even she loved him and he's a doctor! Every time he called me he stated his name and that he was calling from the veterinary teaching hospital at Oklahoma State University in know, just in case I was unsure. Very proper in that student kind of way; weren't we all once? When he called me this morning he said the surgery was delayed due to an emergency and gave me the new estimated start time but I was already on my way so I just got there really early. I kept myself busy for a few hours then went to the clinic and laid claim to an area. Dr. McDreamy, DVM came and told me they would be beginning the surgery soon so I settled in. At some point I could tell one of the receptionists asked another one about me (yeah, not too subtle). About 20 minutes after I reached full panic shaking mode, Dr. McDreamy, DVM came out in scrubs--yeah, so cute!--to tell me the device was in and there was still a bit to do but the cardiologist would speak to me when she was done. I settled down a bit but began to reach full panic mode again just as the doctor came to get me. Basically, she said everything I already told you. I asked her to only call tonight if there was a problem because I just didn't think I could wait for another "update" without having to seek the services of a human cardiologist. They will call me in the morning and I should be able to bring her home tomorrow afternoon. Thank you so much for your kind comments, prayers, and sweet thoughts!!! I know PP isn't a human child but I think I have a unique perspective on all of this and I will never regret doing everything I can to give back to her the comfort, companionship, compassion, joy, and love she has shown me.


Soapchick said...

I'm so glad it went well and you survived too! McDreamy sounds absolutely divine! Praying for the pup and for you!

AKD said...

I've been thinking of you - I'm so glad that it went well!! And that there's a hot doctor at whom you can gaze happily. :)