Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paranoia, Thy Name is Rachel

Apparently I was so focused on PP's activities that I couldn't even see the glaring typo in my title. Oh well, it's corrected now.

Wikipedia defines paranoia as "a thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion." That pretty much describes me since Monday when I found out that PP needed to see a cardiologist. Even though yesterday calmed my fears a bit--insomuch as we know her condition is treatable--I'm still a nervous wreck and probably will be until I drop her off for Tuesday for her surgery Wednesday*. The cardiologist told me it was highly unlikely she would develop any problems but that hasn't stopped me from watching her every breath and every move. Is her breathing too shallow? Is that a gasp for breath I hear? Is she too lethargic? Why isn't she eating?

The not eating question prompted me to call the university vet clinic who, by the way, is so kind to have a vet student manning the phones around the clock just in case my neuroses get the better of me and I call to get a professional opinion. As it turns out the not eating thing slightly concerned the on-call vet and she told me to feed PP her favorite meal: boiled ground beef and rice. I was actually leaving Target when she called me back and I had already purchased the ingredients to prepare this canine delicacy. So, you ask, did she eat this gourmet meal? Yes, and without hesitation.

Now I can return to my regularly scheduled program of monitoring her breathing.

*and even then I will be a nervous wreck but I won't be able to watch her so that will prevent me from constantly monitoring her.

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AKD said...

This shows how incredibly caring you are. :) Thank goodness she ate it right up - that had to be a huge relief!

You're in my thoughts - I hope that she feels well!