Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Man Shoes

I have about six posts I need to write but tonight I am going to forgo those and write about the internal debate I am having regarding fashion vs. comfort or, in my case, safety. It seems the women in the Mystery Country like their high--very high--heels. They're called "clickers" only pronounced with an "ee" sound in place of the "i." All other shoes are commonly referred to as man shoes. Awesome.

Did I mention the MC is not known for it's mild winters? What do I do? Have my pants tailored for heels or flats? I can't wear heels in the snow. Well, I suppose I could but that would be very stupid (note to self: ship the walking boot just in case). I do own a few pair of cleekers and some boots with a short heel so maybe that will do for now?

Today TOIAW discovered a very big problem with the shipment of our household items. The problem being they're still sitting in a warehouse in Virginia. Rock on. I may or may not have suggested to Rocky (names not changed to protect the guilty), the lovely moving company employee, that he had approximately zero interest in shipping my crates to me because every day they sit in his facility the government pays him a handsome storage fee. He didn't appreciate my insinuation. I didn't appreciate his lackadaisical attitude so I think we're even.

All this prompted TOIAW to be very concerned about my lack of warm clothing as I am scheduled to leave next week and the weather there is already getting cool. Apparently he hasn't had time to check our bank account or he would see I will be just fine until my clothing arrives. Those are beginning to look like necessary purchases if you ask me. Actually they were necessary purchases because in addition to wearing cleeckers, women in the MC tend to dress up far more than I--a stay-at-home mom to two dogs--usually do. Make that "usually did" as I now possess a fashionable wardrobe heavy on what I like to call "everyday fancy" items. I'm still somewhat nervous about having the right clothes which I fully admit is ridiculous. I'm moving to a different country, not starting junior high. If I begin to write posts about traveling to Italy to shop and raving about paying $400 for a pair of boots that normally cost $600 send in the deprogrammers!*

There are so many real problems in the world--I should know, I've experienced several of them this year--I feel guilty that I am thinking about these things. Of course, that being said, I'm not sure my fragile psyche could take hearing whispers behind my back about being the "woman wearing house clothes and man shoes."

*Because, yeah, my SIL [from a country culturally similar to the MC] actually does this. Also, she complains how the US size 00 does not fit her. Sadly, sometimes it doesn't.


Soapchick said...

Sounds like it will be an adventure Rachel! Reminds me of when I moved to Spain in 1994 and insisted I wear my socks and running shoes over my nylons with my suit to ride the subway to the office. It only took about a week of people staring at me for me to start wearing my cleekers instead. Not only were the socks and tennies out of line, but so were the nylons. Enjoy and will you be able to post pictures? Maybe just of legs and shoes?

AKD said...

...And of course you always have tons of extra money while moving to just go out and buy a temporary, last-minute wardrobe that you won't like as much as your real wardrobe. What a waste of time and money!

Michele said...

I wouldnt survive in MC! I havent worn heals in years!

mrsmuelly said...

Deprogrammers...haha! Love it all. Shopping really can be cathardic.