Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drop-Off Complete

I took PP today, signed all the papers, paid a 50% deposit, and left in tears. When I left the room she was running in place to get to me...ugh, it makes me cry all over again to think of it. I should be getting a call from Joe--the fourth year vet student who will be updating me at least twice a day--very soon. I'm also going tomorrow just to be there during her surgery. The doctors and tech gave me the impression people don't usually do that but I am because, really what else am I going to do? So the surgery will begin around 10 and I should hear from them by 1 when she is in recovery.

I AM SO FLIPPING NERVOUS!!! It's awful. Can you imagine what I would be like if Sarah were here and needed surgery (which she undoubtedly would)? Yeah, me either.

Something I didn't recall the cardiologist mentioning last week was that PP will be completely restricted for THREE WEEKS. Any by restricted I mean in a crate inside and on a leash outside; if she's not in her crate, she will probably need to be on a leash in the house. This is so the device doesn't dislodge. I can handle it, I suppose, but I'm leaving 11 days into the restriction period and it's going to be challenging for my mom to exercise one energetic dog while trying to keep the other energetic dog calm. I guess this means that if/when I find out the surgery went well it will be time to begin freaking out about the recovery period.

I'm still waiting for Joe to call...

P.S. After this crisis is over, I promise to get back to writing emails and commenting on blogs...I've just been really busy lately with all this anxiety.


N said...

Busy? You think? Yikes!

Thinking so many good thoughts for PP to get through this well and safely. Please let us know when you hear. ♥

Soapchick said...

Well how is the puppy doing? I hope the surgery is a success. You sitting in the waiting room shows that you are a loving mom.

AKD said...

Hoping to hear a (great) update soon!! Praying for you!! *hug*

Rachel said...

Thinking of you and PP.