Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Song Writing

My eggs suck rotten eggs, my dog has worms, and my husband is leaving on a train tomorrow. I know it's a little raw right now but I think there's a country song here. Not a country song where the singer changes the arrangement of a rap song and re-records it. No, more like a song sung my someone with frosted hair that hasn't moved in four days supported by a Bumpit--or eight--wearing blue eyeshadow, petticoats, and satin clothing adorned with rhinestones.

You already know about the sucky eggs. I know I probably don't seem to be properly dealing with it but you know what? When your watch your daughter die while your husband is holding her, even something like being told you will probably never have any more biological children doesn't hurt as much and as long as you might think. It does hurt--make no mistake--but if I let myself cry and cry and cry it won't change anything (but that's not to say I want to cry and I don't because if I want to, I do; I just would rather cry for Sarah).

Apparently we should have gone with the dog acupuncture yesterday because today I got a phone call informing me Bootsy was diagnosed with worms. I didn't study the dog energy meridians chart today when I picked-up her meds, but it most likely has to with her Qi being misaligned. Either that or she never got over the intestinal worms she had when we got her. It really frustrates me because she's had two follow-up checks that she passed with flying colors, she has zero symptoms (if we're experiencing Bootsy at 'reduced energy levels' I'm going to need medication also), she's at a healthy weight, and I faithfully give her medication that is meant to prevent intestinal worms which means she probably never got rid of them. Thankfully, PP is fine but she has to take medicine also just in case. The amount of medication consumed in this household rivals that of a nursing home.

And, because of the aforementioned worms, our dog walker doesn't feel comfortable keeping the dogs at her house this weekend so TOIAW will be visiting his parents alone. As you might imagine, I'm beside myself with disappointment about missing a weekend with the in-laws. That's why he's leaving me on a train. I'll work on the lyrics tomorrow and see if the Gutsy Mom can help me write the tune. Or is it called a melody? I don't think I'll be getting a Grammy anytime soon...

P.S. The Major's Wife (who needs to update her blog...hint, hint) asked to what exciting D.C. area eating establishment TOIAW escorted me last night. I am happy to report it was an actual restaurant and not just 5 Guys. We went here and if you're ever in Alexandria, I highly recommend it. I want you to know, TMW, I laughed out loud when you said the nicest restaurant where you are is Chile's; I feel for you but that totally cracked me up.


The Major's Wife said...

yes, a blog update would be in order, I'm so good at reading and never good at posting. I really thought I'd like to blog but never seem to write. Anyways, never tried that restaurant but looks nice. I did love so many other places in Old Town, we went there a lot. We lived in Kingstowne (another nieghborhood in Alexandria) until we moved to the fine state of AL

AKD said...

I just wanted to let you know I'll be following your blog - and that your kind comments meant so much. Your comments about how you would prefer to cry for your daughter strike home - I am so sorry for your loss, but want to thank you for being such a generous spirit.