Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sick Puppy

Make that puppies. PP awakened me several times last night to go outside. I never know when to just monitor her at home and when I need to take her to the vet. She vomited this morning but then ate a little of the prescription bland diet and drank some water so I don't know. Then Bootsy began having the same problem and they're both just laying around which is a highly unusual morning activity for them...so we have an appointment in an hour. I'm sure the vets love us for all the business we provide. I rationalize it with our upcoming busy schedule that will have them staying at their kennel this weekend (it's really their dog walker's house and she's awesome and is more than willing to dispense medication, mix food, and whatever else our princesses demand). But still...am I being too obsessive? I promise I haven't always been this bad but when they were sick in March, it was almost more than I could handle. When PP spent the night at the vet, it brought back way too many bad thoughts of my other little one in the NICU and I'm pretty sure I could not deal with another scare like that now.

Oh, Jess, why can't I just follow you around the world? You're the only vet I've ever really trusted! The vet we're seeing today has a special interest in pet acupuncture. No, I am being serious. [I double dog dare her to try it on Bootsy.] She'll probably be very impressed with the special Chinese herbal supplement they take to help ease digestive issues. I know, but it seriously works...it would probably work better if I wasn't too lazy to go buy more yesterday after running out on Saturday. I'm still a fan of the magical medicinal mixture but I'm afraid we might have escalated beyond that at this point. UGH!!!

TOIAW is in SO MUCH TROUBLE for taking them to the "swim" dog park. We [narrowly] escaped this illness last week but he just had to tempt fate and take them again this week. I know they love it but unless they get jobs to pay their vet bills, they're never going there again.

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The Major's Wife said...

Where is the swim dog park and hope you had a yummy dc dinner. We are in al now yew haw. The best restaurant here is chiles