Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Planner

With a few exceptions, much of TOIAW's career has been spent working in a planning capacity. I've never been quite sure what he planned but, from what I hear, he's pretty good at it and he has all these acronyms, formulas, and spread sheets that help him plan. Those have come in very handy in the past 36 hours. We've had to alter all our plans but it looks like it's coming together. There is, however, a famous military saying that 'a plan never survives first contact' so we have to wait and see what tomorrow has in store for us when he calls to make a few adjustments to his current plans.

Not surprisingly, none of the late maturing eggs fertilized which is actually a blessing because if they had we would be in limbo for another 10 days with less than a 2% chance of pregnancy. Ugh...I can't even imagine.

So what now? Well, this weekend we are going to NYC to visit the in-laws...always so much fun. We will return Sunday, pack a trailer of things to take to Oklahoma, load the dogs, and leave on Monday morning. TOIAW will leave the following Sunday to meet the movers who will send some things to the Mystery Country and put the majority of our belongings in storage. He'll leave for the MC later that week. Meanwhile, I'll stay in Oklahoma until it's cool enough for the dogs to fly and then we'll all join him in the MC! Woo-hoo!!! Okay, I'm still working on genuine excitement for the MC, but I am genuinely excited I get to be with him.

Probably the most interesting development is that the MC is heavily involved in the practice of IVF, donor eggs, and infertility tourism. Who knew? While I haven't completely warmed-up to this idea, I am willing to do some investigation. They seem to cater mostly to Brits and Germans so I'll probably talk to their embassies and see if they've heard of any issues. Please don't think I'm crazy just yet; I promise to be careful and objective.

I need to go to bed now so I can rest up so I can tackle my very long to-do list tomorrow.


N said...

It's utterly amazing to me that you can find the silver lining in this.

My heart is breaking for you, though. I want to run down and give you a hug right now.

mrsmuelly said...

Wow, so much going on! You are certaily busy these days. Hopefully everything will slow down a bit soon, and the "silver lining" will make itself quite apparent. Praying for you.

Rachel said...

Wow, what a schedule. I'm glad that you have a plan already, but I hope you also leave yourself time to grieve about this most recent loss.

I know that you can't tell us where MC is, but can you give us a region (i.e. Asia, Europe?)? It's so hard to even guess what your life will be like without some sense of where you'll be living. I am glad that you'll be able to join your husband soon, and discover all the weird little quirks of your new country together.

jenn said...

Here from Long Distance Infertility to say I am sorry about your cycle. I hope with all that you have going on you can get some new hope.