Monday, July 6, 2009

No Words

"A U.S. military spokesman says 2 more U.S. troops have been killed in a blast in southern Afghanistan..."

Most people would read that not stop to think of the soldiers, their lives, and their families. And when I say most people I mean even me because I read it this afternoon. It took on an entirely new meaning when I received an email informing me one of those soldiers was a former neighbor. A friend's husband. A great guy with a 10,000 watt smile. A real person not simply an anonymous one of "2 more US troops."

I'm consumed with thoughts of his wife. I know where the casualty notification team parked when they went to her house. I know which door is hers. I've sat in her living room many times which is more than likely where she was when they told her her husband had been killed.

PLEASE keep N in your prayers...she's going to need them.


N said...

I always do; it makes my heart so heavy that I had to stop watching/reading the news for so long.

I am so sorry for your friend, her family, and their enormous loss. She will be in my thoughts.

Soapchick said...

I'm so sorry for her loss and for your pain as well. My friend lost her 22 year old son in Iraq a week before my wedding. Most of us don't know what these wars cost us up close and personal. I'll keep you and your friend in my prayers.

mrsmuelly said...

Tears for N and the family. It's all so very the point that I can't even watch the news. Many prayers.

caitsmom said...

Sending lots of love out to his family. I am so sorry. Peace.